Providing Managed IT Services and Support for businesses since 1997, we’ve learned a thing or two about helping businesses with their technology.  It’s this collective knowledge and experience gained over the past  two decades in business that forms the foundation of our proprietary process called Insight.  

If you are tired of the worn out promises of traditional IT Support / Managed Services companies and feel like there should be a better way, well – you just found it!  A unique service like ours is bound to spark questions so we’ve gathered the most common questions and answered them in our FAQ section.

About us…

We have assembled an awesome team of like minded professionals that exemplify our core values day in and day out.  All to ensure that our customers receive outstanding support while achieving the results that make our service offering so special.


“Very friendly and helpful!”

11/22/16 from Amanda
Wake Forest, NC (Dental)

“Solved the problem quickly. I’m happy”

11/18/16 from Darla
Chapel Hill, NC (Medical)

“It was a quick turnaround time and I appreciate it!”

11/18/16 from Linda
Raleigh, NC (Non-Profit)

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What is a Managed Services Provider…

If you are searching for more consistent results from your IT partner then we should talk! There is a better way, a way we’ve proven over and over that drives better results across customers in multiple different industries. We call it Insight.

Application support, networking, client support services – all part of what every MSP should deliver but this is where most stop, and that’s where our process begins.

Cloud? Yes, we do that. But as with any technical solution, it is just a tool. One that may help your business – or it may not! Proposing the right solutions for your business doesn’t come from our certifications, which vendors we partner with or what technology is hot right now. It comes from a deep understanding of your goals, where you want to go as a business.

A true ‘managed’ solution isn’t one focused on the technical, rather one focused on your business. What makes YOU tick? How do you services your customers, drive revenue and achieve your business goals? Without a solid understanding of who you are as a business, how can an ‘IT Vendor’ ever hope to become a true partner and help deliver real solutions for your business?

With Technology Associates you will notice this difference from our very first interaction. We are intently focused on helping our customers find the right solutions for their business. This approach is 180 degress from the traditional approach in the IT Services industry which is focused on driving project labor, selling technical solutions (that may or may not be right for you), and avoiding taking on customers risks as their own – otherwise known as finger pointing!

If you are in a spot where you need better results – an advocate with the techical knowledge and experience to provide the very best support and guidance then you are in the right place.