IT Services & Support

Providing Managed IT Services and Support for businesses in the Raleigh area since 1997, we’ve learned a thing or two about helping businesses with their technology.  It’s this collective knowledge and experience gained over the past  two decades in business that forms the foundation of our proprietary process called InSight.  

A unique IT service like ours is bound to spark questions, so we’ve gathered the most common questions about our Managed Services program and answered them in our FAQ section.

About Technology Associates

We are an awesome team of like-minded IT experts and customer service professionals who live and breathe our core values. Our #1 core value is that “We ALWAYS find a way” to ensure that our customers receive outstanding IT support and achieve the performance results that make our InSight service so special.


“So appreciated the staff’s help with getting the copiers and printers configured for the network! So pleasant to work with.”

11/21/2018 from Donna

Raleigh, NC (Accounting)


“The staff was very helpful! I had to keep changing the time we spoke due to changes in my schedule and he was very accommodating, I appreciate it!”

11/20/2018 from Valerie

Raleigh, NC (Non-Profit)

“Was very persistent in helping me fix a problem that was difficult to trace.”

11/14/2018 from Sharon

Durham, NC (Pharma/Biotech)

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