What Does A Managed Services Provider Do?

What Do Managed Services Providers Do?

Managed Services can mean so many things to different people.

To some it is a marketing tactic but to us, it is a way a life.

In most cases, “real” Managed Services is hard to explain, much less differentiate,  to people who aren’t in our industry but the difference is key in deciding the right approach to your business

What Does A Managed Services Provider Do?

Simple: Assume all the risks associated with all the technology surrounding your business.

What does this mean?  It means eliminating all the nagging issues businesses experience with traditional IT support companies, like;

  • Having way too many technical issues
  • Slow (or worse, no) response
  • Being constantly surprised by IT support bills or renewals/hardware purchases
  • You feel like you are paying WAY TOO much for what you ate getting, but want more
  • No forward planning or budgeting you can count on
  • Long-term or go-forward items seem to stall out
  • You are more concerned about security than your vendor
  • No vendor management – problems get passed back to you to hunt down
  • Your IT Vendor seems to be learning on the job, on your dime!

All of these frustrations costs your WAY more that the invoice from your standard IT support company.

Really – How Much Time Are Your Employees Wasting On Computer Issues???

Managed Services providers take all this crap OFF YOUR PLATE once and for all.  You get a dedicated team of full time experts and IT Support Engineers who live and breathe technology service. 

The level of expertise, specialization and caliber of skill working with a Managed Service Provider is going to give you a range of skill and ability beyond an in-house IT support employee, which is a tremendous value add for your businesses.

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They Avoid Surprises

Another thing Managed Service Providers do is eliminates surprises when it comes cost.

True Managed Service Providers aren’t going to be nickeling and dime-ing you for every phone call, every visit on site, every consultation or “optional” quarterly meeting. 

It wasn’t always this way – The History of Managed Services is complex and not readily evident.

Working with a Managed Service Provider gives you an all-inclusive rate to tap into the very best service offering possible for your business. 

Being able to take the guesswork and fear out of your IT Support relationship, let’s you to make grounded, level decisions and proactive plans to make sure you’re able to focus on what you do best – running your business without worrying about being overcharged. 

They Staff Properly

Something else that sets true Managed Service Providers apart from the rest is how they staff.

Managed Service providers staff more people for proactive roles than reactive – these two terms are SO overused but stay with me.

IT companies get really good at solving issues – it is how our industry started but employing staff who are dedicated to preventing problems rather that fixing issues after they’ve occurred  – that’s the true difference.

Rather than only being in contact when you have a technology failure, Managed Service Providers partner with you in understanding your unique business needs and proactively partnering with you to foresee what your business needs, often well before you know it yourself.

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