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Webinar Recap: Essential Leadership Traits Needed For Long-Term Success

Cindy Anderson Webinar Leadership Traits

Essential Leadership Traits Needed For Long-Term Success

Date and Time: Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Presenter: Cindy Anderson, Managing Partner of Thinc Strategy
Moderator: Eric Hobbs, CEO of Technology Associates

Whether you are striving for the next promotion, standing in the infancy stage of business, or sustaining an established brand, your leadership style will leave a lasting impact on the success of your business and your employees. Join Cindy Anderson, managing partner of Thinc Strategy, to discover the most overlooked leadership traits. You’ll learn how to lead with or without authority and the fundamental traits to shift your leadership style from good to great.

In This Webinar, Cindy Outlines Leadership Methods For:

  • Cultivating entrepreneurial mindsets THROUGHOUT your organization
  • Strong self-awareness and self-management
  • Connecting with people, not just work
  • Demonstrating authority without being authoritative
  • Modeling expectations

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Essential Leadership QualitiesAbout The Speaker: Meet Cindy Anderson

Cindy Anderson founded Thinc Strategy to help business leaders and their management teams increase their corporate value. She has owned five businesses including selling three of her own businesses. She has also guided over 140 clients in the past 20 years grow their value with many selling for a higher premium.
Cindy has worked for a variety of clients, both domestic and international organizations, ranging in size from sophisticated startups to over $375 million in sales. She specializes in leadership management for growing exceptional teams from the CEO on down and has worked with both privately held and public corporations. She understands what it takes to start, manage, grow, lead and transition businesses successfully.
Cindy is a seasoned speaker and facilitator with various organizations on the topics of leadership, mergers and acquisitions, business strategy, finance and management development. Beyond the office, Cindy enjoys catching up on her reading, as well as hiking and traveling with her husband Chris and her son, Jackson.

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