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We Are Hiring

Technology Associates works with businesses across North Carolina, helping them increase productivity, eliminate IT risks and reduce overall costs using our Insight Process.

Why? Because we believe that with the right processes and discipline around managing technology we deliver outstanding results for our customers.

But it is our people that make it all work and we are looking to add a few more awesome individuals to our growing team.

We’re Hiring

Here at Technology Associates, we’ve grown consistently, year after year, adding the right customers and right staff members is one reason we were ranked #11 on the 2017 Inc5000 list for IT Services companies in North Carolina.

While technology is very important to our success, it is our people that are even more important.  Finding the right people is so vitally important and exemplified in our hiring process.

So what do we look for in our people?

People who ‘light up’ and are genuinely interested in taking on a challenge.  People who can carry themselves professionally and connect with others in an instant, because they truly care.

We expect the best from ourselves and our team each day. If you are looking for a place to hang out and collect a check – this isn’t it but if you want to be a part of something special, then read on…

Our Values

We ALWAYS find a way – We achieve results despite the inevitable barriers and roadblocks.  Nothing stands in our way for long.  The IT Support industry was virtually built on solving problems and no matter how awesome our proactive process is, no matter how many problems we prevent – there will be problems and we will have to deal with them.  But in the end, we don’t let the problems win!

Own It – We take responsibility for our actions/in-actions, are accountable for our results and take ownership of our mistakes – No Excuses!  Making mistakes is part of growing, making excuses is NOT!

Serve up WOW – We serve every individual (internal and external) in such a positive and memorable way that when we are done, the person tells someone else how great it was. I stole that one from Jeffrey Gitomer – if you haven’t read his “Little Book” series, run out and get one – you’ll thank me later!

Better Than Yesterday –Improvement is a process – day in and day out, get a little better.  Don’t let perfection hold up improvement.  Our process and our business are based on the cumulative impact of incremental change, getting a little better every day adds up.

But there are lots of IT Service companies to choose from…

Why Technology Associates?

We are small – even with the growth over the past several years, we still have that small company feel – everyone is expected to bring their best ideas on how we can better serve our customers and there aren’t layers of bureaucracy or red tape.

No Silos – while we are fervent believers in dedicated roles and responsibilities, everyone at Technology Associates gets the chance to see multiple customers and a wide array of technology.  We want our people to stretch, learn and grow.

Open Book – we meet each month to go over results, plans, and obstacles.  Everyone has a chance to give input to the direction of the company and leave their stamp on our processes.  We have a daily huddle and weekly departmental meetings so everyone knows what is going on and where we are heading as a company.

On A Mission – we have some pretty hefty goals and objectives over the coming years and we need people who can ‘see’ the vision, buy into it, and relish the challenge of doing something special.  It’s about more than just a job!

Fun And Games

Sorry to burst your bubble but we don’t have a foosball table or a keg-o-rater in the kitchen but we do get out once a quarter as a group to do something fun.  But for the most part – it is hard work.

Our ideal staff member is one who sets their goals and does what is necessary to hit them, someone who thrives in a challenging situation and has that; “I got this!” mentality.  That’s the fun part – winning; whether it is helping a teammate figure out a tough problem or going the extra mile to make a customers day.

It’s going home knowing that you gave it your best and are part of a special team of people dedicated to providing outstanding service and pleasing even the most challenging customer.

Ready For The Next Step?

If you think you might have what it takes to join our team or know of someone who you think would be a perfect fit, we should talk.

You can see a list of open positions here:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly.

Eric Hobbs, President
Technology Associates

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