Top 10 Apps for the Construction Industry

Learn what makes each of these construction apps #1 in addressing problem areas for construction workers and how they are able to revolutionize communication, collaboration, and profitability for you and your crew. With the ability to accomplish everything from bidding to time tracking to calculations and measurements, these technologies will help you do your job better.

The Research

After researching and reviewing apps from a wide range of construction companies, TSheets was able to narrow down a list of 100 most used apps in the industry to find the top 10. Their research was based on:

  • How good they are at solving specific problems for construction workers
  • How easy they are to use
  • The number of users each app has
  • The number of integrations each app has
  • The quality of each app’s customer service
  • The previous track record of each app developer
  • Average ratings in the Apple App store and Google Play store
  • Additional ratings and reviews in the news and on other websites

The Results



SafeSite decreases the number of injuries and increases productivity in the workplace, while keeping everything organized in one place. This digital solution enables workers to upload checklists, conduct safety inspections, and export completed forms in a timely and efficient manner – ensuring compliance in all areas. The app also allows you to log safety hazards and observations while on site and automatically assign them to responsible parties for resolution.

Learn More About SafeSite

Estimates and Bids


The difference between gaining a new client and losing a potential client often depends on how quickly and professionally you can deliver an estimate. With JobFLEX, you are able to create estimates for customer immediately and effortlessly. Not tech savvy? No problem. The JobFLEX app is easy and user friendly – enabling users to create and edit customizable forms by simply dragging and dropping line items.

Learn More About JobFLEX

Calculations and Measurement


Why bring extra things with you on the job when you could just bring your phone? CM Pro is an intuitive, comprehensive alternative to your bulky, inconvenient handheld construction calculator. Whether you’re deciding on how much drywall you need or determining the right angle calculations when framing a room, CM Pro has the total package.


Learn More About CM Pro

Time Tracking and Scheduling


The most inopportune tasks in the construction industry are basic office duties, such as scheduling and payroll. Instead of spending your valuable time manually inputting information in spreadsheets or on paper, easily track your employees’ hours  and create work schedules in the cloud. TSheets is an easy-to-use app that allows your employees to manage and track their time on their phones. With the Crew App feature, you can also clock in an and locate an entire crew.

Learn More About TSheets 

Photo Annotation


Photo Measures is a creative, modern app that enables anyone from construction workers to homeowners to record, save and share measurements and dimensions. Users simply upload their photo(s), then directly edit each photo with the appropriate dimensions. Photo Measures is a hassle-free way to recall exact measurements, remember layouts and ensure that everything will fit perfectly.


Learn More About Photo Measures

Task Management


Although there are a large number of task management apps, the Fieldwire was built by construction professionals for construction professionals. This task management app enables project leaders, foremen and superintendents to assign workers to jobs and tasks with ease. Organization is key when managing multiple tasks. Fieldwire allows you to instantly create tasks linked to blueprints, job sites or projects, and categorize each task by job type.

Learn More About Fieldwire

Plans and Blueprints


Say goodbye to the stack of paper copies and costly reprints. PlanGrid is a portable alternative to your current method of blueprint creation and storage. Compact with an innovation blueprint design tool and library, you can carry all of your technical drawing in your back pocket. This app was designed specifically for construction managers, architects, contractors, engineers and home builders so you can keep everyone on your project on the same page.

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Project Management


Co-Construct is a project management tool that stores all the information you need to build or remodel a home. It’s like having an extra project manager in your pocket. You can get assistance at every stage of a project – from the initial bidding process to completion and beyond. You can use the app to generate project estimates and proposals, invite and manage subcontractor bids, store project plans, track and manage project costs, and much more.

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Reporting is essential in the construction industry – helping to analyze, streamline, document, and identify problem areas in your business – but it can be very time-consuming. Raken is a tool that speeds up the reporting process by enabling users to file reports on site. In the app, you can create incident reports, work logs and to-do lists directly from their phone or tablet. You can either input information manually or record     voice memos for the app to transcribe.

Learn More About Raken


Collaboration is key to effective project planning and implementation. However, keeping everyone updated and on the same page is difficult. BuilderTREND brings your whole building together in one powerful cloud system, making streamlined communication possible – leading to fewer errors, more effective communication and a better employee and customer experience. This app was designed to connect everyone involved in a project from start to finish.

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