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The Most Common Client Issue

problemsWhat is the most common client issue? Tough question really, let me share with you why.

If you use the right process to manage IT, you can eliminate most issues BEFORE they occur.

It’s true. At Technology Associates, we track the numbers, and in most cases our customers see a dramatic drop in issues because of our best practices. Reducing problems to one-half, one-third, even one-fourth of previous levels is totally achievable. We do it all the time.

Most IT providers don’t track tickets the way they should. They see the number of tickets resolved as some badge of honor that justifies their existence. We see it as a failure – if a problem is truly resolved, it shouldn’t be recurring again and again. If you had to call your plumber every week to fix the same leaky faucet, wouldn’t you start looking for a new plumber?

But what if your ‘most common issue’ just didn’t happen? Or happened so infrequently that it ceased to be common? I know, it almost sounds like “if a tree falls in the woods…..”

I say all of this somewhat tongue in cheek but there is a huge amount of truth here, the nitty-gritty truth of IT. The “common issues”, once they occur, sap your time AND cause you to incur costs with your provider but the common issue isn’t really the issue.

The ISSUE is the process your IT vendor uses to manage your technology that allowed the issue to occur in the first place. If your IT vendor’s business model is built around service level agreements and hourly billings then they really don’t have any incentive to truly resolve these common issues so they don’t recur or better, don’t happen to begin with!

So – the most common issues that OUR customers experience will probably be very different from what other IT providers’ customers experience. In fact, it varies from client to client, across our customers. Plus, I’ll tell you the frequency of an issue isn’t really all that important! You are thinking I’m crazy, right?

No – it is the TIME it takes to resolve the tickets by category that you should be looking at. Why? Because this is TIME that your IT provider is preventing your staff from getting things done. Two ends of a scale, a ‘common problem’ that happens every day and take 15 seconds (65 hours per year wasted) to fix versus a problem that happens once per year that brought your whole company down for a day – which is more impactful?

Follow the hours….

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