The testimonials below are something we, as a company, are super proud of.  The comments below come directly from our ticket feedback system – each time an issues is closed out, the customer get’s an opportunity to provide feedback on how things went.  We grab comments from this feedback mechanism to provide a glimpse into how our customers feel about our services.

Very Friendly

“Very friendly and helpful!”

11/22/16 from Amanda
Wake Forest, NC (Dental)

Solved Quickly

“Solved the problem quickly. I’m happy”

11/18/16 from Darla
Chapel Hill, NC (Medical)

Quick Turnaround

“It was a quick turnaround time and I appreciate it!”

11/18/16 from Linda
Raleigh, NC (Non-Profit)

Timely Manner

“Problem was taken care of in a timely manner! Thanks so much.”

11/18/16 from Jackie
Burlington, NC (Medical)

Everyone Involved

“Everyone involved worked great! Thank you!”

11/15/16 from Tricia
Charlotte, NC (Insurance)

Pleasure To Work With

“I really have to say that everyone at TA is a pleasure to work with and if you are ever having a fire drill on your end, I never feel it on my end. Thank you. I truly appreciate everything that each of you does from the first contact to the resolution.”

11/11/16 from Ann
Cary, NC (Printing)

Thorough and Timely Response

“I appreciate (your staff’s) thorough and timely response!”

11/08/16 from Linda
Raleigh, NC (Non-Profit)

Quick Response

“Quick response time to problem and it was immediately fixed!”

10/05/16 from Suzanne
Raleigh, NC (Law)

Resolved Issues Quickly

“(Your Staff) responded and resolved issues quickly.”

11/02/16 from Darla
Durham, NC (Medical)


“Speedy service, fixed my email issue perfectly. Thank you!”

11/02/16 from J.J.
Fuquay-Varina, NC (Consulting)

Patient and Fast

“Your staff is so Patient and takes care of things fast!”

11/01/16 from Azi
Wake Forest, NC (Dental)

Fast and Efficient

“Fast and efficient service!!!”

10/28/16 from Robin
Durham, NC (Medical)

Incredible Service

“Incredible customer service, Thank You”

10/27/16 from Scott
Raleigh, NC (Service)

Rock Star

“[Your Technician] was a rock star. My Wilmington folks told me he was really pressing ATT to escalate the ticket first thing in the morning. You have really good folks working for you and we appreciate it!”

10/26/16 from Linda
Raleigh, NC (Non-Profit)

Great Communication

Your staff was great to work with – great communication along the way as we worked to get new employee set up. Thanks!

Great Big Thanks

Awesome!! A great big thanks to all of you for your help!!!!

Great Customer Service

My ‘W’ key stopped working last week, and I opened a case with TA on Friday once it got pretty bad. This morning at 9am I received a new keyboard, and was able to easily replace it. Best yet, it was under warranty, so no additional cost! TA took care of opening the HP support ticket, and then HP was able to express ship the replacement keyboard so I would have it in time to work today. Talk about great customer service!


“It took some persistence to resolve this issue, but Raul stuck with it and found the solution.”

10/26/16 from Lee
Durham, NC (Retail)

Easy To Work With

“Excellent job, easy to work with!”

10/19/16 from Mary
Durham, NC (Pharma)

Everything was fixed and more

“The response was quick and everything I emailed about was fixed and more”

10/19/16 from Diane
Cary, NC (Association)


“He was prompt with his responses and great with technical input. Thanks!!”

10/17/16 from Bruce
Rocky Mount, NC (Construction)

Everything Running Quickly

“Being an insurance company it was critical that we got our server up as soon as possible. Thank you to (your staff) in working to find a solution to get everything running as quickly they did! ”

10/11/16 from Pam
Smithfield, NC (Insurance)


“Awesome! All Issues Were Resolved! Thank you!”

10/07/16 from Crytal
Raleigh, NC (Accounting)

Quick Response

“Quick response time to problem and it was immediately fixed”

10/04/16 from Lori
Durham, NC (Retail)

Really Appreciate

“Really appreciate how Jeff jumped right on this and helped us get a solution in place.”

10/02/16 from Linda
Raleigh, NC (Non-Profit)

Record Time

“Fixed it in record time.”

09/30/16 from Pam
Cary, NC (Accounting)

Jumped Right On It

“Jumped right on my issue and was able to resolve it right away!”

09/29/16 from Ann
Charlotte, NC (Insurance)

Solved the Problem

“Solved the problem and responded promptly. Good interactions/communication skills over the phone.”

09/28/16 from William
Raleigh, NC (Pharma)

Quick and Efficient

“Quick & efficient”

09/28/16 from William
Raleigh, NC (Accounting)

Knew Exactly What to Do

“Your Staff knew exactly what to do to get my issue resolved.”

09/27/16 from Ann
Charlotte, NC (Insurance)

Very Patient

“Your staff member was very patient with me as I am not computer savvy. He walked me through each step. I really appreciated that. Thanks!!!!”

09/23/16 from Renee
Charlotte, NC (Insurance)

Great Job

“(Your Staff) did a great job. Upon getting in touch with ATT, he immediately started pushing them to escalate our ticket. Our phones are critical because people go into crisis at all times. I really appreciate the way that Mike works and he is also a very good communicator. ”

09/21/16 from Linda
Raleigh, NC (Non-Profit)

Suggested a Trial

“(Your Staff) was able to locate the new software, verify operating system will support it along with suggestion trial prior to formal purchase to ensure all worked before committing”

09/21/16 from Bruce
Rocky Mount, NC (Engineering)

Resolved Quickly

“Resolved my problem quickly, Thanks!”

09/19/16 from Carolina
Raleigh, NC (Non-Profit)

Quick Response

“Thanks for the quick response & help!”

09/19/16 from Barbara
Raleigh, NC (Engineering)

Very Quick

Very Quick…awesome!

VERY Quick Response

“VERY quick response to our last minute urgent request. Thank you!!”

09/15/16 from Rebecca
Raleigh, NC (Distributor)

Professional, prompt and understanding!!

Always very professional, prompt and understanding!!

Quick, Thorough and Patient

“[Your Technician] has provided quick, thorough and patient instruction. He has been awesome; I just wanted to expand on my feedback. I believe those who do an above-average job should be acknowledged.”

09/15/16 from Barbara
Raleigh, NC (Non-Profit)

Follow up

“You rock! Your staff moved quickly to get this taken care of and then followed up multiple times promptly. Thank you!”

09/13/16 from Lori
Fuquay-Varina, NC (Consulting)

Moved Quickly

“(Your Staff) rocks! He moved quickly to get this taken care of and then followed up multiple times promptly. Thank you!”

09/13/16 from Lori
Fuquay-Varina, NC (Consulting)

Efficient and Friendly

“Again, you guys were quick, efficient and friendly!”

09/08/16 from Kim
Wake Forest, NC (Dental)

Super Helpful and Patient

“(Your Staff) has been super helpful and patient with assisting me with my PC problems for the past two days. Great customer service!”

09/07/16 from Kim
Cary, NC (Association)

Always Finds and Answer

“So nice to work with and always finds an answer to my issue!!”

09/02/16 from Suzanne
Raleigh, NC (Law)

Professional and Personable

“Quickly helped me with my problem as well as another one that was just an annoyance. Great professional and personalable representative.”

09/02/16 from Joanie
Charlotte, NC (Insurance)

Fast, Friendly and Efficient

“Fast, friendly and efficient as always.”

09/01/16 from Tommy
Fayetteville, NC (Insurance)

There for Us

“Always timely and clear responses. Thanks for being there for us!!”

08/31/16 from Pam
Raleigh, NC (Non-Profit)

Appreciate You Following Up

“Appreciate you following up to make sure I was happy!!!”

08/29/16 from Rebecca
Raleigh, NC (Distributor)

Friendly and Courteous

“Very pleasant Technician to speak with. Also, friendly, courteous and knowledgeable of products.”

08/24/16 from Ann
Charlotte, NC (Insurance)

Superb Service

“Superb service and assistance. Thank you!!!”

08/18/16 from Robin
Wake Forest, NC (Distributor)

Worked Diligently

“Made several attempts over several days to contact me. When we finally connected, worked diligently to resolve the issue and contacted others to complete the fix.”

08/18/16 from Brenda
Raleigh, NC (Non-Profit)

He listened, He fixed it

“He listened, he fixed it, and he didn’t make me feel completely inadequate!”

08/11/16 from Barbara
Raleigh, NC (Non-Profit)

Very Patient

“He was very patient through the process and kept checking back until it was resolved.”

08/11/16 from Tammy
Charlotte, NC (Insurance)

No Time At All

“Took care of the issue in no time at all.”

08/03/16 from Rick
Raleigh, NC (Distributor)


“Efficient follow thru!”

08/02/16 from Marcia
Raleigh, NC (Association)

Friendly and Efficient

“Very helpful and had a friendly efficient manner while not making you feel inadequate about your lack of knowledge.”

08/02/16 from Brenda
Cary, NC (Non-Profit)

Good Communicator

“(Your staff) put in a lot of time to fix a problem for me. Unfortunately we weren’t able to undo what was done, but he tried every angle to still help me out and left me with the tools to undo what needed to be done if I chose to do that. Good communicator as well.”

08/02/16 from Andrew
Cary, NC (Staffing)

Quick and Thorough

(Your staff member) came quickly and was very thorough to be sure I was up and running in good shape. I am in the middle of several training presentations and a big training coming up on Monday in which my computer performance is a must and so I am very happy with the service.

Fixed In Minutes

“Fixed the problem within minutes and got me up and running again.”

08/01/16 from Michael
Wake Forest, NC (Distributor)

Professional and Fabulous

“Thank you so much for your always professional and fabulous service!”

08/01/16 from Ashley
Cary, NC (Association)

Very Helpful

“I was unable to perform Export to File successfully and John identified the problem quickly and relayed the information to a 3rd party vendor (website) from which the problem originated. John was very helpful!”

07/29/16 from Wendy
Raleigh, NC (Law)

Beyond the call

“(Your staff was) very pleasant and made sure the problem was resolved. I’m out of our office most of the day but he continued to follow up with me to assist me. He went beyond the call of service.”

07/27/16 from Jerrie
Fayetteville, NC (Insurance)

Speed and Efficiency

(Your Staff) resolved the problem I was experiencing with speed and efficiency. Thanks!

Top Notch

Again, I can not express enough how top notch (your staff) have been these past 6 weeks while I work remotely. They always help me quickly to get me back up and running. A great asset!

Extremely Fast

(Your Staff) were very helpful and resolved my issue very quickly. Very pleased with TA’s overall level of service – extremely fast in responding and quickly troubleshoot and resolve my issues. Thank you!

Did Not Give Up

“(Your Staff) was very nice and pleasant to work with. They did not give up on the problem and fixed it without taking up my work time (I was at lunch when they worked on it yesterday and they worked on it before I came in this morning). I could not have asked for a better experience.”

06/29/16 from Sandra
Apex, NC (Land Management)

Better Solutions

(Your Staff) was very helpful, they evaluated my requests and looked for better solutions that fit our needs. Thanks so much!

Very Helpful

(Your Staff) worked through the troublesome issue and got me back up and running. Very helpful.

Prompt Response

(Your Staff) have been extra helpful with all phone calls! Their prompt response has resolved every issue I’ve had so far!! OUTSTANDING JOB!!!



Immediately knew

(Your staff) immediately knew what the problem was and how to fix it. Great service.

Prompt and Polite

Prompt, polite and successfully resolved what 2-3 other IT folks could not. Thank you kindly!

Late-Night Support

Many thanks for the help …. Late-night support is definitely above the mark

Prompt and Courteous

Your staff was was prompt and courteous.

A Better Way

(Your Staff) was able to determine what I was doing and suggest a better way to do it. It was actually a Worldox issue rather than Word. He also fixed a couple of other things while he was trying to determine what my main issue was. 🙂

Up and Running Quickly

Got me back up and running quickly……. great job!!!!

Very Impressed

(Your Staff) went through a number of processes to find the problem. Very impressed with their ability to look for solutions.


“Very glad we had TA on our side during this software license audit. I had tremendous confidence that you would make sure we were represented well.”

06/07/16 from Curt
Fuquay-Varina, NC (Consulting)

Friendly and Kind

Friendly and kind since it was a user issue

Appreciate Your Staff

“Just thought I’d let you know (again) how much I appreciate your staff. I love your company and your service.”

06/10/15 from Betsy
Raleigh, NC (Law)

Proactive Service Attitude

“Some of the reasons we truly enjoy working with TA are their proactive service attitude, strategic planning, and the determination to live up to commitments. They are a true business partner and treat our company and goals as if they are their own. The whole staff is dedicated to quality; having a reliable IT partner, especially as a small business, is invaluable.”

05/14/15 from Kelly
Cary, NC (Benefits)

Know Before I Do

One of the things I like most about Technology Associates is that when there is a problem, 9 times out of 10 you let me know there’s a problem before I know there’s a problem. And that to me, is just incredible.

Better and Better

You folks get better and better. It has been weeks since I have had an issue with one of my computers.

Professional and Quick

[Your Technicians] are always professional and work quickly. Thank you!

Quick Solutions

(Your Staff) just pulled off one of the quickest solutions times I’ve ever experienced. I am very pleased with the service I received!