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TA Outing: Triangle Glides Segway Tour

Technology Associates Segway Tours

Last week was our quarterly 13th week here at Technology Associates, as you may already know; every 13th week all of our staff that’s normally out in the field is here at home base.

So we did what we usually do; ate amazing lunches each day together and ended the week with a fun outing. Special shout out to the newest addition to our lunch lineup; La Farm Bakery in Cary. So delicious!

Now let’s get to the good part, riding around on two wheels through our fair city of Raleigh with the help of Triangle Glides. Our excitement built and then nervousness crept in as we watched funny Segway “fail” videos on YouTube. We just knew we were all destined for a close encounter with the pavement. When the time came, we all eagerly listened to our guides instructions and set off through the busy streets of downtown Raleigh.

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