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Free Encryption Tools To Protect Your Data

Encryption might seem like a difficult concept to grasp – the first thing that might come to mind is that it’s something only techies would understand or use. However, the idea of encryption is not difficult to understand and the tools are fairly easy to use.

In this post, we’re sharing free encryption tools you can use to protect your personal and professional data from being stolen or held via ransomware.

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Security Alert: New Microsoft Office Zero-Day Attack

There is news of a previously undisclosed vulnerability in Microsoft Word that can be used to quietly install different kinds of malware, even on fully-patched computers.

This zero-day bug has yet to be patched and reportedly doesn’t rely on macros, which Office typically warns users of when opening macro-enabled files.

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AutoSave To Save The Day

I always have multiple applications (usually Word and Excel) open on my desktop.  All crammed with several projects I’m trying to work through to completion.

Often times I’ll leave these documents open WAY longer than I should (often overnight) and sometimes come in to find my machine rebooted because of maintenance or patching.

Working this way leaves me open to losing hours of work but AutoSave is there to save the day.

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