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Quickly Finding Deleted Outlook Messages

Keeping your Outlook Inbox clean and organized can sometimes feel like a full time job.  Seems like, in my rush to get to zero in my in box to the magical zero count, I often get a little trigger happy and delete an email that I need to file or act on.  I usually realize this right away and hop into my Deleted Items folder to retrieve the email, only to find it is lost in the thousands of previously deleted emails.

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AutoSave To Save The Day

I always have multiple applications (usually Word and Excel) open on my desktop.  All crammed with several projects I’m trying to work through to completion.

Often times I’ll leave these documents open WAY longer than I should (often overnight) and sometimes come in to find my machine rebooted because of maintenance or patching.

Working this way leaves me open to losing hours of work but AutoSave is there to save the day.

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Recovering From The Loss Of A Major Client

Losing a client is painful. Sometimes it is your own dang fault, sometimes it isn’t. But one thing is for sure, as you run your business, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience losing a client.

And parting with a major client can shake the foundations of your business and affect your operations and bottom-line, if not for months, even years. So we want to share our own experience and what we learned to help you out overcome this crisis.

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Copy Formatting In Excel


I’m a stickler for nicely formatted Excel spreadsheets.  Headers, data call outs, number formats, backgrounds, borders all need to look ‘right’ before my mind will allow me to start looking at the data – odd I know!

Once you get your spreadsheet data all setup and you turn to formatting, here is a quick tool to allow you to enforce consistency in formatting across cells. Use the ‘paint brush’ (Extra tip: this tool exists in Word also!)

Here is a super quick tip on copy formatting in Excel from one location to another.

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Hosting Emails And Website At Different Providers

hosting-graphicMany businesses are under the impression that they need to host all their services at one provider.

While oftentimes there are some very good reasons for doing so, it is important to know what your options are so you can make the best decisions for your business, versus what might be best for your web-hosting company.

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Outlook Follow Ups

microsoft-outlook-followupsStaying on top of your ‘to-dos’ can be tough.  Seems we get more and more on our plates every day and keeping all the balls in the air can be a challenge – especially follow ups. You email someone and need to follow up at a later date to be sure your message got through and the item was addressed.

Here is an easy way in Outlook to be sure you stay on top of the things you are waiting on or have delegated to others.

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Locking Your PC

locked_computerLocking your PC when you are away is ALWAYS good practice.  There are two easy ways to do this – manual and automatic.

The Manual Way

You could do the ctrl-alt-del then select lock but where is the fun in that when you can impress your co-workers with a shortcut!  Windows Key-L locks the workstation in one quick step.  By the way, the ‘Windows Key’ is normally between the CTRL and ALT keys on the lower left of your keyboard.

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3 Printing Tips For Excel

Printing at this point is fairly benign task (and frowned upon unless absolutely necessary by some).

Me? Sometimes it is critical I have something in my hands to fully digest what I’m looking at – suppose I’m old school that way! Here are several things I’ve learned about printing from Excel over the years that I hope will be a help to you.

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10 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know

keyboard-shortcutsWhen you’re working with a mountain of data or simply cleaning up a report, repeatedly reaching for the mouse for basic tasks can get aggravating. It’s like a constant reminder that you’re wasting your time with something that can be solved by using shortcuts.

To help keep your hands on the keyboard and increase your productivity, here are keyboard shortcuts in Excel that’s sure to impress.

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Back To Basics

Durham Bulls Athletic ParkThe other night, we took our team, customers and prospects to see the Durham bulls play the Toledo Mudhens – everyone had a blast. I highly recommend a visit to the ballpark.

Listening to the MLB channel on XM on the drive home (I know, probably way too much baseball) something Harold Reynolds (former major leaguer and current commentator) said struck me: “We don’t play for the double plays, we play to make the outs we should make.”

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