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End Procrastination With These Productivity Hacks For CEOs

The Bermuda Triangle of ProductivityProductivity hacks for CEOs have evolved over the years from a simple to-do list to biohacking, but here we all are, still mysteriously disappearing into our versions of The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity, never to be found again until the end of the workday.

So doesn’t it make you wonder if these productivity hacks actually work? Or if they’re nothing but productivity quacks, which do nothing to improve your performance?

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Manager’s Guide Part 1: Small Business Taxes Preparation Checklist — Employees

small business taxes preparation checklistIn an ideal world, all businesses have to do to as the year winds to a close is to count their profits and start prepping for their Christmas and New Year parties. But it takes a lot more than that to get your business ready for 2019, which is why we’ve built out our Small Business Taxes Preparation Checklist!

Anyone who is at the helm of a business—no matter what size—knows this isn’t the case at all. As the year winds to a close, you have to take a long, insightful look into where the company actually stands–especially when it comes to your team. And that’s what this manager’s guide for small business taxes preparation is all about — this article is focusing on employee data and documents. 

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