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5 Overlooked Security Considerations For Remote Workers

Freelance Worker

There’s never been more freedom and autonomy in the workforce than today. However, with all this freedom comes great responsibility and security tops the list when working remotely.

Hackers love easy targets and when you extend the corporate network by working remotely or taking work devices into public spaces you are unknowingly inviting someone to take a peek.

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Is Your Remote Workforce Setup For Success?

Freelance WorkerHistorically, the idea of working remotely was a rarity. Everyone was expected to be ‘in the office’ and at their desks. But today, a remote workforce is becoming commonplace.

Many years ago, our firm had an account manager get married and relocate to Chicago. She was such a great asset and had demonstrated her value and work ethic so completely while in our office, it was a no-brainer to accommodate a remote-worker scenario. Since then, the technology has changed almost as dramatically as the acceptability of this approach.

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What You Need To Know About Cloud Security

Cloud technology is where majority of businesses are turning to store their data these days, and it makes sense why. With easier access, lower storage costs and a platform for sharing information globally, there are advantages to be had to moving to the cloud. But we can’t think about cloud technology in a vacuum. If we talk cloud, we’ve also got to talk security too.

As you evaluate cloud deployments for your organization and integrate the technology into your business operations, be sure you’ve considered all aspects of what it means to work in and store data from the cloud.

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IT Outsourcing Risks

I was fortunate enough to be asked to give a brief talk on IT Outsourcing (something near and dear to my heart) by Insperity.

Along with Beth Mullaney from Rankin McKenzie and Jaimie Kasopsky from Insperity, I discussed the pros and cons of outsourcing at the Business Owners: Outsourcing 101 – IT, HR, and CFO Functions event at the City Club in Raleigh.

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