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Ransomware Attack Pushes Fake Font Update On Google Chrome Users

There is a tricky new attempt by hackers to trick users into downloading ransomware onto their computers. Unsuspecting users are shown what appears to be a Google Chrome popup prompting the user to install a new font.

The hackers are first corrupting a website to lay a trap for users.  When a user encounters a hacked website they get prompted that the “HoeflerText for was not found” and the user is provided an ‘update’ button.  Unfortunately, the ‘update’ button downloads and installs the Spora Ransomware.

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Ransomware Misconceptions

RansomwareRansomware attacks – when a malicious page or attachment runs code locking down your computer, demanding a ransom be paid for access to your data – are on the rise. Some of these viruses can travel across a network infecting many machines in one organization, bringing everything to standstill.

In the past these attacks were usually aimed at small and medium-sized businesses and consumers, are now increasingly targeting larger businesses. Even worse, they are increasing in frequency. In fact April 2016 was the worst month for Ransomware in the U.S.

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The Latest Malware Outbreak: Should You Pay Up?

Guarantee Data Protection With A Managed Services ProviderSeems like news of major cyber-attacks comes so regularly now that it mostly falls on deaf ears.

Just last week there was a major outbreak during which criminals hijacked ads on AOL’s advertising network and served up malware to visitors of such sites as Huffington Post, WeatherBug and GameZone among others.  The attack was spotted and “fixed” within two days (an eternity when exposing millions to malware).

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