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3 Printing Tips For Excel

Printing at this point is fairly benign task (and frowned upon unless absolutely necessary by some).

Me? Sometimes it is critical I have something in my hands to fully digest what I’m looking at – suppose I’m old school that way! Here are several things I’ve learned about printing from Excel over the years that I hope will be a help to you.

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10 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know

keyboard-shortcutsWhen you’re working with a mountain of data or simply cleaning up a report, repeatedly reaching for the mouse for basic tasks can get aggravating. It’s like a constant reminder that you’re wasting your time with something that can be solved by using shortcuts.

To help keep your hands on the keyboard and increase your productivity, here are keyboard shortcuts in Excel that’s sure to impress.

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ConnectIDHow much time do you spend every day trying to remember passwords? Every week? Every month? How many hours of productivity do you lose every year to the “necessary evil” of having different, strong passwords for access to all your apps and accounts?

What if I told you it was no longer necessary? ConnectID is a password management app that securely stores all of your passwords behind one single-sign on portal.

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hipchatIf you’re sick of outdated instant messaging, frustrating conference call systems and unnecessary meetings, it’s time to upgrade your office to HipChat, our App of the Month.

You can use HipChat as a web app in your browser, or download the app to your Mac, PC, and/or smartphone for seamless, instant communication with your entire office.

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Webinar Recap: Your Successful Business In 2016: Top Priorities for Small to Medium-Size Businesses

SMB Success Raleigh BusinessTop Priorities For Small To Medium-Sized Businesses In The Raleigh Area

Title: Your Successful Business in 2016: Top Priorities for Small to Medium-Size Businesses
Date and Time: February 5, 2016
Presenters (An All-Star Local Line Up!):

In this webinar we’ve gathered some awesome local business leaders and executives in the Raleigh area to shed light on the top priorities business owners need to think about and stay on top of for 2016.

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Evernote: Organize Your To-Dos

Surrounded by notes, lists and other bits of info you told yourself to go back read? Us too. Because of this, Evernote is our go-to app this month—and likely many months to come.

In Evernote, you can create multiple notebooks to store receipts, web “clippings,” articles, boarding passes, recipes… the list goes on, but you get the idea. Those who love to categorize and de-clutter can rejoice in filing away odd bits of information until they become relevant. You can store your personal wish lists and “to-read” lists alongside notebooks for professional ventures and tasks.

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How To Create A Pivot Table In Excel

Excel TableIn this video, we will show you some great tips to help you get the most out of pivot tables, an excellent tool for organizing and analyzing data.

We’ve received requests from clients asking how to create and use pivot tables on Excel. In this video, we will show you some great tips to help you get the most out of pivot tables, an excellent tool for organizing and analyzing data.

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App Of The Month: TeamViewer

Here at Technology Associates, we are always looking for ways to help our clients leverage technology – especially in ways that you may not have even thought of!

Since the majority of our clients (and everyone else) spend a ton of time on their phones each day, we thought we would look for ways to possibly make your phone work even harder for you. Based on staff recommendations, we have chosen the TeamViewer App as our first App of the Month.

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Webinar Recap: Employee Career Management: Tips For Long Term Employee Retention

Invest In Employee Development Career ManagementTitle: Employee Career Management: Tips For Long Term Employee Retention
Date and Time: September 1, 2015
Presenter: Stan Kimer, Founder of Total Engagement Consulting
Moderator: Eric Hobbs, CEO of Technology Associates

Stan Kimer of Total Engagement Consulting presents “Invest in your People! Employee Career Management and Skills Development”

Most leaders may not realize that its largest expenditure is not in inventory and buildings, but instead in “people costs.” Therefore it makes sense that this important investment needs to be leveraged and protected by engaging employees in skills development and longer term career management.

What’s In This Webinar?

This session will cover several topics including:

  • Compelling business rationale for investing in talent development
  • Important concepts of career development
  • Innovative career mapping approach
  • An introduction to mentoring.

This presentation is part of the Expertise in Business webinar series hosted by Technology Associates and sponsored by Rich Commercial Realty and Insperity.

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Save Time By Reusing Text In Outlook

Reusing Text Blocks in OutlookOutlook is a lot like our brain; very underutilized. There are tons of great little tips and tricks in Microsoft Outlook that can help you be more productive when it comes to using your email. Let’s look at reusing text blocks for example.

Do you send out a lot of the same information on a regular basis? Find yourself typing the same email over and over or going back to copy/paste content from previous emails? Then I bet you guessed it; reusing text blocks is for you.

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