How To Unplug, Turn Off, And Be Present On Your 2018 Summer Vacation

When it's time to turn off and unplug for summer vacation.

Getting ready to take that summer vacation with your family? Here’s your crash course for how to turn off technology and unplug from the office, social media, and other irrelevant “notifications” (AKA interruptions) that distract you from being present with your family and friends on your summer vacation.

It’s 1996. You’re packing for your much-needed vacation with your family. You walk through the airport to your gate (TSA who?) Maybe listen to your Sony Walkman on the flight. Your kids fight over who gets to listen to the new Backstreet Boys CD on the Panasonic Mash, they work it out eventually. Upon arrival to the resort everyone slathers up in coconut-scented sunblock, you style it up with some zinc for your nose, grab a book, a cooler, and spend the reach of the day soaking up some serious rays. You take turns rotating with family members or ask a stranger to snap 2-3 obligatory summer vacation family photos with your disposable camera (because there was no such thing as a selfie), and then its smooth sailing with Mai Tai’s and Pina Coladas for the rest of the day.

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Megan Fox, Your Flight Status, And Traverse City: 12 Cool Ways to Boost Productivity With Windows’ Virtual Assistant Cortana

12 Ways to Boost Productivity using Cortana, Windows' Virtual AssistantThe adage “Time is Money” is never so relevant than when it comes to navigating through your Windows operating system to knock out your business’s week’s to-do list and boost productivity. Consider this: Let’s say you spend 5-8 seconds browsing through a menu to pull up a calendar, move appointments that have rescheduled, or using your pesky URL search bar to google irrelevant facts about celebrities, the average user spends 15-25 minutes a week on inefficient productivity processes within their Windows devices.

Our solution? Save those precious wrists, fingers from carpal tunnel, and eyes from strain and fatigue; use Cortana!

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5 QuickBooks Online Hacks and How-To’s

As far as essential bookkeeping for small business is concerned, Quickbooks Online (QBO) is the tool to use. But are you using it to its full potential? Even if you’re a pro, you may be missing critical tips and tricks that can save you hours each month balancing the books and attending to routine matters. Here are 5 QBO hacks and how-to’s that will make you more productive:


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Top 5 Recruiting Software Solutions for Small Businesses in 2017

Given the challenges and constraints that limit SMBs, it’s not easy to compete for the industry’s much sought young professionals. Fortunately, with a little help from technology, the hiring process can become both easier and more effective for everyone. Recruitment software is able to perform the tedious tasks that have made recruiting and onboarding impersonal and transactional. This enables you to focus on the human aspect of working
with candidates.

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Top 10 Apps for the Construction Industry

Learn what makes each of these construction apps #1 in addressing problem areas for construction workers and how they are able to revolutionize communication, collaboration, and profitability for you and your crew. With the ability to accomplish everything from bidding to time tracking to calculations and measurements, these technologies will help you do your job better.

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20 Keyboard Shortcuts to Maximize Productivity

Are you looking to speed up workflow and impress your colleagues at the same time? The trick is to use keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts greatly enhance your productivity and save you a whole lot of time. Instead of pointing and clicking with a touch pad or external mouse, you can utilize programmed key combinations to perform the most usual tasks more efficiently. With a little memory work and the right tools, you can boost your productivity and reduce painful strain on muscles, joints, and nerves – yes, it works!

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3 Printing Tips for Excel

Printing at this point is fairly benign task (and frowned upon unless absolutely necessary by some).

Me? Sometimes it is critical I have something in my hands to fully digest what I’m looking at – suppose I’m old school that way! Here are several things I’ve learned about printing from Excel over the years that I hope will be a help to you.

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hipchatIf you’re sick of outdated instant messaging, frustrating conference call systems and unnecessary meetings, it’s time to upgrade your office to HipChat, our App of the Month. You can use HipChat as a web app in your browser, or download the app to your Mac, PC, and/or smartphone for seamless, instant communication with your entire office.

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