New Locky Ransomware Attack Affecting Millions

There is a new Locky variant ransomware attack that is hitting at a steady rate of 2 million attacks an hour. Hackers are using 8,000 different versions of a widespread virus script, according to researchers from Barracuda Networks Inc. There were 20 million of these attacks within the first 24 hours after it was launched Tuesday morning. The magnitude of this attack is significant – growing rapidly and proving to be highly
destructive. The target: businesses or institutional
groups in the US and Canada.

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Security Alert: New Link-Bait Phishing Tactic

Security threats come in all shapes and sizes but none slip through the cracks like phishing. Phishers bait their hooks, usually in the form of a seemingly legitimate file or link, and cast their rods out, waiting for victims to bite. Their bait is commonly spread via email, making it difficult for security software to filter them out. Because email has rapidly become one of the most common forms of business communication, it’s important for your staff to be well-informed on the latest phishing campaigns. Our CEO discovered a new
link-bait tacticthat you might want to notify your staff about.

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There’s Something Phishy Going On

I have warned about phishers before but you can never stress the need to be cautious. Phishing attempts are becoming more sophisticated and targeted, and with 97% of people unable to identify a phishing email, your business may be at risk. Our CEO received this phishy email below yesterday – but how did he know it was fake? Let’s take a look at the images below and go over some tips for spotting a phishing email.

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CEO Phishing – Don’t Take the Bait

Be on the lookout for CEO phishing emails. A member of our
company received emails that appeared to be from the CEO. This sort of thing happens but we have trained our staff to never share confidential information via email – always pick up the phone! Don’t be the one that gets reeled in – educate your staff and implement procedures to protect your business.

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Losses from Cyber Crime Skyrocket

Cyber crime has become a fast-growing threat and surveys show that companies are not adapting their risk assessments and control frameworks fast enough. It is crucial that we acknowledge the extent to which this threat can grow. The more connected your business infrastructure gets, the more at-risk your business becomes.

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Fake W-2 Requests nets a victim

phishing scamWe warned about this latest phishing tactic back in January and not one week later a breach occurred at a hospital.  Business that handle personal data are always extra cautious about data leaks which is why this case is so interesting.

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Fake W-2 Requests

Recently we’ve heard about fake e-mails being sent out by identity thieves requesting copies of W-2s for review.  This being tax season make this tactic especially believable.

Make sure you and your team are aware of this scam so you don’t fall prey.

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