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Nigerian Prince Alert! CEO Fraud: Phishing Email Scams Targeting CEOs

Phishing Email Scams Targeting CEOs: You’re Smarter Than A Nigerian Prince, Right? Before you say you’ll never be one of those people who gets suckered into giving money to a Nigerian prince, just know that, a sophisticated version of this phishing email scam took tech giants, Google and Facebook, for over $100 million. Yes. Google,…

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Sharks In The Water! PhishPoint: Phishing Scam Attack Of The Week On Office 365 Users

Hopefully you and yours are staying out of the Sharky waters lately (especially in Cape Cod and Texas!) Our topic today are the sharks in our digital waters this week. The latest Microsoft phishing attack, dubbed “PhishPoint,” demonstrates the lengthy extents in which cybercriminals will go to obtain confidential information. If you’re new to following…

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How To Excel At Excel: 6 Easy Excel Shortcuts To Make Your Life Easier

How To Excel At Excel: 6 Easy Excel Shortcuts To Make Life Easier Excel: The stomping ground for tracking metrics, building equations and navigating through the moving parts of a business and seeing what’s working and what’s not working. It’s a cornerstone tool for business. Here’s a compilation of 6 Easy Excel shortcuts and overlooked…

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Working smarter with Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is still the leading email tool of businesses today. And because it integrates so much –email, calendar, tasks, address book – it’s often the place where employees can spend significant parts of their work day. Recent studies have reported that email consumes 28 percent of employee time on the job. Easily a productivity…

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CEO Phishing – Don’t Take the Bait

Be on the lookout for CEO phishing emails. A member of our company received emails that appeared to be from the CEO. This sort of thing happens but we have trained our staff to never share confidential information via email – always pick up the phone! Don’t be the one that gets reeled in – educate your staff…

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Exporting Multiple Emails From Outlook

A client called this week with a question – in providing IT Services to such a diverse group of businesses, we get some pretty good ones. My customer was looking for a simple way to export multiple emails from Outlook onto a USB drive. I’ve exported individual emails from Outlook before but never a group…

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Quickly Finding Deleted Outlook Messages

Keeping your Outlook Inbox clean and organized can sometimes feel like a full time job.  Seems like, in my rush to get to zero in my in box to the magical zero count, I often get a little trigger happy and delete an email that I need to file or act on.  I usually realize…

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Outlook Follow Ups

Staying on top of your ‘to-dos’ can be tough.  Seems we get more and more on our plates every day – keeping all the balls in the air can be a challenge.  Especially follow ups – you email someone and need to follow up at a later date to be sure your message got through…

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