Not something you expect from an IT Services company but helping customers in our world often goes way beyond traditional IT. This is a collection of articles based on discussions we’ve had with customers and helping them through their issues.

Leadership mistakes to avoid

Highly-effective leaders have a common thread running through their veins. No matter their industry or business size, effective leaders are driven, innovative, intelligent and results-oriented. Yet even in their accomplishments, effective leaders are also human. They make mistakes, and they…

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What to Look For in a Technology Partner

IT service providers are known for trying to upsell, oversell, overcommit and underdeliver. Decisions are made out of reactive necessity rather than proactive thought leadership. You wish you could rely on internal staff but your business is growing and your IT department is overwhelmed. How do you find a technology provider who you can trust to help you reach your goals? You search for an IT partner.


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How Lawyers Destroy Trust – Lessons for all Businesses

An article titled “10 Ways Lawyers Quickly Destroy Trust (and 10 Ways to Fix It)” just can’t be ignored.  Written by Lee Rosen, based in Raleigh, this piece highlights several dos and don’ts that really make sense and several can be easily translated into all service businesses.

If you are in the legal profession (or for that mater, any professional services industry), Lee’s article is worth a read.

P.S. I stole Lee’s blog picture!

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Are your KPIs selfish?

alt-text hereTracking KPIs (key performance indicators) is critical for any process driven business.  If you are business like ours that offers fixed-fee support – tracking your numbers becomes even more critical so a small hole in the bucket doesn’t end up tanking your month (or year).

When deriving KPIs there is a ton of noise in every industry about what to track.  Quickbooks has an article that highlights their ‘7 Most Important KPIs to track as Small Business‘ that include;

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Back to Basics

Durham Bulls Athletic ParkThe other night, we took our team, customers and prospects to see the Durham bulls play the Toledo Mudhens – everyone had a blast. I highly recommend a visit to the ballpark. Listening to the MLB channel on XM on the drive home (I know, probably way too much baseball) something Harold Reynolds (former major leaguer and current commentator) said struck me: “We don’t play for the double plays, we play to make the outs we should make.”

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Problems are the Breakfast of Champions


Running your own business has more than its fair share of ups and downs. Staff, vendors, customers, competitors – all vying for your time. A ‘normal day’ running your business is stressful enough but add to that the inevitable problems that come about in business and you can easily get discouraged.

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