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Is your IT strategy working?

All too often the decisions companies make around technology are not strategic and are done with little understanding of the impact technology will have on the company at large. Businesses must change their technology mindset; it’s not just an added…

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What to Look For in a Technology Partner

IT service providers are known for trying to upsell, oversell, overcommit and underdeliver. Decisions are made out of reactive necessity rather than proactive thought leadership. You wish you could rely on internal staff but your business is growing and your IT department is overwhelmed. How do you find a technology provider who you can trust to help you reach your goals? You search for an IT partner.


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The Most Common Client Issue

problemsWhat is the most common client issue? Tough question really, let me share with you why.

If you use the right process to manage IT, you can eliminate most issues BEFORE they occur. It’s true. At Technology Associates, we track the numbers, and in most cases our customers see a dramatic drop in issues because of our best practices. Reducing problems to one-half, one-third, even one-fourth of previous levels is totally achievable. We do it all the time.

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Why Documentation Matters

TEC_Network_RackDocumentation. Why do we talk about it so much? Why is it so important? Well, it could mean the make or break of your company. Wes Fields, our InSight Implementer, explains.

It is not the most interesting topic in the IT world, but it happens to be one of the most critical elements of our company. The layout of your environment, vendor contacts, important passwords, and pictures of your infrastructure—having all of these things in check takes the average IT company and turns them into awesome!

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