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Managed Services For Medical Practices: Why You Desperately Need To Hire An MSP Right Now

managed services for medical practicesIf you’re still on the fence about hiring a managed services provider for your medical practice, just take a moment and imagine this: with managed services for medical practices, your staff would be free liberated in using the latest medical technology, tending to your patients’ needs, all without worrying about if your tools software is up-to-date or if your patients’ medical information are safe from hackers. Managed services for medical practices: here’s why  it’s the best decision you’ll ever make as a healthcare professional and a business owner (and your office administrator will forever be grateful.)

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Is Your Business HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAAAs the national security standard for protecting patient health information, HIPAA stands as a safeguard for medical information. But Christopher Fuller of was recently quoted to say:

“The biggest challenge presented by HIPAA is to accurately and consistently protect individuals’ privacy without crippling business.”

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Warning Shot Fired: Healthcare Cybersecurity In Critical Condition

The healthcare industry is now one of the top three industries cyber attackers are targeting.

No matter what type of facility you work in – a hospital, clinic, medical center, health insurance company, or one that provides business or clinical services for health care – the data you store is worth millions of dollars on the dark web.

Attackers can hold a hospital hostage, freeze operations and disrupt critical medical processes until they get what they want. A recent breach with a global impact showed
us just how unprepared the healthcare industry is.

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Advances In Technology Cause Shift In The Nature Of Legal Work

What once was a seller’s market has now clearly become a buyer’s market, and the effects of that change are significant.

With the freedom to utilize services outside of their traditional firm, clients are demanding more value for services received. Is your firm adapting to this shift in the legal relationship dynamic to meet the needs of 21st century customers?

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HIPAA Audits Coming?

HIPAAThe Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has been doing limited audits to ensure covered entities and business associates are in compliance with regulations governing health information privacy, security, and breach notification activities.

This limited Phase 1 has involved about 100 entities over the past year. Information gathered during this limited roll-out has been used to re-tool for a more broad-based audit moving forward. In fact, phase 2 was announced back in March – this phase includes both covered entities AND their business associates.

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