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Managed Services For Medical Practices: Why You Desperately Need To Hire An MSP Right Now

managed services for medical practicesIf you’re still on the fence about hiring a managed services provider for your medical practice, just take a moment and imagine this: with managed services for medical practices, your staff would be free liberated in using the latest medical technology, tending to your patients’ needs, all without worrying about if your tools software is up-to-date or if your patients’ medical information are safe from hackers. Managed services for medical practices: here’s why  it’s the best decision you’ll ever make as a healthcare professional and a business owner (and your office administrator will forever be grateful.)

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GDPR’s Impact On Small Business In The US

GDPR's Impact On Small Business

You may think that US businesses aren’t impacted by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but it is time to take a closer look.  The impact of GDPR could be far reaching.

GDPR represents a huge leap in data security and protection for EU citizens against their personal data being used, or even kept, without their consent.

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Are You Prepared For GDPR?

Is your data being protected? Are you protecting the data of employees and customers?

Effective May 2018, new regulations will be set regarding data privacy and how personal data is accessed, collected, handled and used.

That new regulation is known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and it will require a comprehensive evaluation of how personal data is managed and protected. GDPR will force organizations to keep privacy top of mind.

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