Tips and tricks to help you use Excel better.

Linking to External Documents from Excel

In a meeting with a local business recently I was asked if there is an easy way to “link” external documents, ex: Word documents, PDFs, other spreadsheets, from within a spreadsheet.  The use case was a master agreement spreadsheet in which each line had supporting documentation that was maintained outside of the spreadsheet.  The user wanted an easy way to organize these other resources and provide convenient links right from the mast spreadsheet.

Luckily there is an easy way to do this.  Here’s how…

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AutoSave to Save the Day

I always have multiple applications (usually Word and Excel) open on my desktop.  All crammed with several projects I’m trying to work through to completion.  Often times I’ll leave these documents open WAY longer than I should (often overnight) and sometimes come in to find my machine rebooted because of maintenance or patching.  Working this way leaves me open to losing hours of work but AutoSave is there to save the day.

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3 Printing Tips for Excel

Printing at this point is fairly benign task (and frowned upon unless absolutely necessary by some).

Me? Sometimes it is critical I have something in my hands to fully digest what I’m looking at – suppose I’m old school that way! Here are several things I’ve learned about printing from Excel over the years that I hope will be a help to you.

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