Customer Successes

Success stories from our customers, how they use technology as leverage in their businesses to allow them to be more productive and lower costs.


Collaboration for AEC firms

bim-360-glueBIM 360 Glue, a cloud-based construction visualization suite that allows team members to access and alter designs in real time from almost anywhere.

At Technology Associates, we work with a variety of clients who operate in many different industries, each with its own process and workflows.  We take pride in helping each customer we support by understanding their unique requirements and helping them to leverage technology.

Delivering on the mission of Managed Services is more than patch, spy, spam and monitoring.  At it’s core it is about optomizing existing systems while looking forward for better ways of doing things.  When we find software that works for our clients, we like to spread the word (just like this!)

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Edwards, Inc.: A Seamless Migration

edwards, incNot all IT providers are created equal. We all tend to come at problems with different goals, mindsets and methods. At Technology Associates, we are future- and business-focused, always aiming to find a solution that will serve your business in the long-term. Our priority is to show clients we have their best interests at heart, and the Edwards, Inc., success story is living proof.

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