Separating the truth from the hype in how businesses can leverage Cloud Technology. 

Is Your Business Prepared to Handle Hurricane Irma?

Less than a week after Hurricane Harvey tore through Texas and Louisiana, causing at least 60 deaths and billions of dollars in damages, Hurricane Irma appears ready to make U.S. history. Irma has strengthened to a Category 5 hurricane and is expected to hit Florida with a direct impact. Irma’s maximum sustained winds should decrease as the hurricane moves northward. But don’t let your guard down as Irma will still pose a major threat of storm surge, damaging winds and rainfall flooding. Are you
ready for the blow?
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Top 5 Recruiting Software Solutions for Small Businesses in 2017

Given the challenges and constraints that limit SMBs, it’s not easy to compete for the industry’s much sought young professionals. Fortunately, with a little help from technology, the hiring process can become both easier and more effective for everyone. Recruitment software is able to perform the tedious tasks that have made recruiting and onboarding impersonal and transactional. This enables you to focus on the human aspect of working
with candidates.

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Advances in Technology Cause Shift in the Nature of Legal Work

Opening Statement

What once was a seller’s market has now clearly become a buyer’s market, and the effects of that change are significant. With the freedom to utilize services outside of their traditional firm, clients are demanding more value for services received. Is your firm adapting to this shift in the legal relationship dynamic to meet the needs of 21st century customers?

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Top 10 Apps for the Construction Industry

Learn what makes each of these construction apps #1 in addressing problem areas for construction workers and how they are able to revolutionize communication, collaboration, and profitability for you and your crew. With the ability to accomplish everything from bidding to time tracking to calculations and measurements, these technologies will help you do your job better.

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AWS Outage

On Tuesday (02/28/17) Amazon Web Services had a problem.  Problems like this are all too common in the technology space but this one is was a doozy and raises questions about the risks of cloud services that are often ignored.

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Distributed DOS Attacks and Cloud Adoption

As more and more businesses leverage cloud technologies I’m confident we will see a shift from more targeted attacks to more distributed attacks in the future.  We are already starting to see more and more of these distributed denial of service attacks with their frequency and severity appearing to increase with each new iteration.

Here’s what you need to know…

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Using Cloud Communications

LstarLStar Communities is a real estate investment and community development company based in Raleigh. They have one main office and four other offices, as well as many remote sites which all need to be in close communication. For years the offices had been connected through a PBX phone system, which at one time had been state of the art but did not offer many of the modern calling features like video conferencing, extension dialing between offices or conference calling. Worst of all, calls between offices were long distance.

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Collaboration for AEC firms

bim-360-glueBIM 360 Glue, a cloud-based construction visualization suite that allows team members to access and alter designs in real time from almost anywhere.

At Technology Associates, we work with a variety of clients who operate in many different industries, each with its own process and workflows.  We take pride in helping each customer we support by understanding their unique requirements and helping them to leverage technology.

Delivering on the mission of Managed Services is more than patch, spy, spam and monitoring.  At it’s core it is about optomizing existing systems while looking forward for better ways of doing things.  When we find software that works for our clients, we like to spread the word (just like this!)

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