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Why Managed Services For Law Firms Makes Sense For Cyber Security And Data Protection

Why Managed Services For Law Firms Makes Sense For Cyber Security And Data Protection As recent cyber incidents targeting CEOs have demonstrated, cyber attacks are now a constant emerging threat for all types of businesses and as a result the demand for managed services for law firms. Roughly 80% of companies reported experiencing cybersecurity-related incidents…

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Don’t Let Natural Disasters Like Hurricane Michael and Florence Wipe Out Your Law Firm

Hurricane Florence And Hurricane Michael: Natural Disasters Remind Us Of The Importance Of Building A Data Recovery Plan In Your Firm. October is Cyber-Security awareness month. In lieu of all the recent hurricane activities, in this article we’re diving into data recovery and data disaster planning. You won’t want to miss our upcoming webinar, Cyber…

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Upcoming Webinar: Cyber Fortress – Data Protection For Your Business

Title: Cyber Fortress: How To Protect Your Data Empire
Date and Time: TUESDAY, November 13, 2018 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
Presenter: Michael DePalma, Channel Development Manager, Datto Inc.
Moderator: Eric Hobbs, CEO of Technology Associates

Data Protection In Your Business

The holidays are almost here, and you can probably already feel the excitement stirring. Before you run out of the office to celebrate with family and friends, make certain you’ve put smart measures in place to protect your business this holiday season. 

Protect Your Business This Holiday Season

Unfortunately, the holidays are a prime target for criminals to hack and steal from businesses who are out of office. You won’t want to miss this insightful discussion around data protection and disaster recovery, featuring Michael DePalma, Data protection expert of Datto, Inc. who’s spoke alongside members of the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Cyber Security Experts to ensure you’ve got the right protection in place for your business this holiday season.
A thought from Michael on this upcoming conversation: “I have been fortunate to present alongside members of the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Cyber Security Experts, and I’m very excited to share what I’ve learned.” 

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Medical Practices: Why You Desperately Need To Hire A Managed Services Provider Right Now

Managed Service Providers For Medical Practices: We’ve Found The Cure Many people think “Managed Services Provider” is just a fancy way to say “IT Support” Business. I could tell you facts about why it’s a no-brainer, best-decision-you-ever-made move for why you need to hire a Managed Services Provider for your medical practice, but I’d rather…

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Thinking Of Moving Your Business To Google’s G Suite?

“Can I just move all my stuff to G Suite? I’ve heard its free.” That’s a question I hear often, but the answer is more complicated than you would think. While G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) may be the perfect fit for some businesses, it is a huge mistake for others (regardless of…

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Cloud Technology: The Benefits and Hurdles for Healthcare

Technology is redefining our world. Over the course of just 40 years, we’ve seen technology develop at lightning speed. Technology has evolved from academia, to home computers, to e-commerce, to social media, to the cloud, and now to artificial intelligence. Many industries have quickly adopted the latest and greatest technology has to offer, for fear…

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What you need to know about cloud security

Cloud technology is where majority of businesses are turning to store their data these days, and it makes sense why. With easier access, lower storage costs and a platform for sharing information globally, there are advantages to be had to moving to the cloud. But we can’t think about cloud technology in a vacuum. If…

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Is Your Business Prepared to Handle Hurricane Irma?

Less than a week after Hurricane Harvey tore through Texas and Louisiana, causing at least 60 deaths and billions of dollars in damages, Hurricane Irma appears ready to make U.S. history. Irma has strengthened to a Category 5 hurricane and is expected to hit Florida with a direct impact. Irma’s maximum sustained winds should decrease as…

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