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Megan Fox, Your Flight Status, And Traverse City: 12 Cool Ways to Boost Productivity With Windows’ Virtual Assistant Cortana

12 Ways to Boost Productivity using Cortana, Windows' Virtual AssistantThe adage “Time is Money” is never so relevant than when it comes to navigating through your Windows operating system to knock out your business’s week’s to-do list and boost productivity. Consider this: Let’s say you spend 5-8 seconds browsing through a menu to pull up a calendar, move appointments that have rescheduled, or using your pesky URL search bar to google irrelevant facts about celebrities, the average user spends 15-25 minutes a week on inefficient productivity processes within their Windows devices.

Our solution? Save those precious wrists, fingers from carpal tunnel, and eyes from strain and fatigue; use Cortana!

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Best Writing Apps for Business On Your iPhone or iPad

Think about how much time is spent emailing via the email app on your phone or tablet. Email is important and universally applied, serving as a writing environment that offers document and task management tools. The navigation options and integration with contacts and calendars improve organization and collaboration in business. Due to the amount of time people spend writing in business, a similar unified system makes sense for word
processing, right? Well, yes. Let’s explore some integrated
apps for writing, storing documents, and managing tasks that
will improve organization and productivity.

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Top 5 Recruiting Software Solutions for Small Businesses in 2017

Given the challenges and constraints that limit SMBs, it’s not easy to compete for the industry’s much sought young professionals. Fortunately, with a little help from technology, the hiring process can become both easier and more effective for everyone. Recruitment software is able to perform the tedious tasks that have made recruiting and onboarding impersonal and transactional. This enables you to focus on the human aspect of working
with candidates.

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Advances in Technology Cause Shift in the Nature of Legal Work

Opening Statement

What once was a seller’s market has now clearly become a buyer’s market, and the effects of that change are significant. With the freedom to utilize services outside of their traditional firm, clients are demanding more value for services received. Is your firm adapting to this shift in the legal relationship dynamic to meet the needs of 21st century customers?

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Top 10 Apps for the Construction Industry

Learn what makes each of these construction apps #1 in addressing problem areas for construction workers and how they are able to revolutionize communication, collaboration, and profitability for you and your crew. With the ability to accomplish everything from bidding to time tracking to calculations and measurements, these technologies will help you do your job better.

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ConnectIDHow much time do you spend every day trying to remember passwords? Every week? Every month? How many hours of productivity do you lose every year to the “necessary evil” of having different, strong passwords for access to all your apps and accounts? What if I told you it was no longer necessary? ConnectID is a password management app that securely stores all of your passwords behind one single-sign on portal.

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CuriosityStream_Y_IconConstant improvement is part of our culture here at Technology Associates. We are always looking for ways to expand our knowledge and understanding so we can best tackle whatever challenges come our way. This healthy curiosity is part of what makes us good at what we do – truly understanding the situation and getting to the root cause is what helps us resolve problems instead of just treat the symptoms.

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MLB AtBat 2016

MLB At Bat 2016This app gives you what you want: all the games, live, for the price of a couple of hot dogs and beers.- $20 per year you can listen to ANY game.

Spring is in the air and baseball regular season is in full swing (pun intended). 30 teams playing 162 games from April 3 until October 2. 2,430 games total, not counting the post-season. It’s a lot of baseball. But if you are fan (like we are) missing your team play is a tragedy. Especially if they win.

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