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TA Outing: Aviator Brewing Company

Every thirteenth week, our office is buzzing (a little more so than usual).

During that week, we reign in all of the Network Administrators and vCIO’s who are usually out brightening our clients days and enjoy having them all together at the office. Although this is simply due to the nature of our scheduling, we decided to have fun with it!

Now we look forward to thirteenth weeks and welcome them with special lunches every day at the office and wrapping it up with a company outing on Friday. This past week, our Office Manager, Heather, did a great job putting together a fun afternoon at Aviator Brewing Company in Fuquay Varina. We learned all the technical details about brewing beer (you know we like the techie stuff!) and even got to try a little ourselves!

We started out in the front of the brewery and started things off with one of Aviator’s many great tasting beers (there’s something for everyone!) Then we headed back for the tour and learned (and saw) some really cool stuff before heading back to yet another bar to taste some samples, snack on some great food, and enjoy each other’s company!

Although family vacations kept a few of us counted out of the event, it was reported that a good time was had by all! We’re already looking forward to thirteen weeks from now!

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