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Social Media For Law Firms: Just How Important Is It?

Social Media for Law Firms Is Very ImportantLet’s put it this way. Even unicorns exist in Google. So there’s absolutely no reason for your law firm not to have an active online presence. That’s just how important social media for law firms is. Period.

And if done right, a law firm’s social media presence will prove to be a strategic business decision that results in tangible and highly-profitable gains.

How To Do Social Media For Law Firms The Right Way

Strategic Social Media For Law FirmsYou Don’t Have To Be On Every Social Media Platform.

Networking and lead generation have consistently topped various surveys on why law firms and solo practitioners maintain an online presence. And while it’s good to cast a wide net, a lawyer on Snapchat doesn’t exactly say, professional and trustworthy.

Before Joining A Social Media Network, Ask Yourself The Following:

  • Is it relevant to my brand? For potential clients, your social media presence represents your reputation as a law firm. So unless you’re representing Snapchat, it’s better for your credibility and legitimacy if you stay away from those flower crown filters. Instead, strengthen your presence in networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, which have high client conversion and retention rates.
  • Does it add value to my brand? Take it from these multinational companies and celebrities. If a social media platform doesn’t add any value to your brand, it’s not worth being on it – even if that platform is social media overlord Facebook. So instead of chasing eyeballs (which is on a rapid decline anyway) on Facebook, you can focus on growing your engagement on sites where you can highlight your legal expertise to appeal to potential clients. For example, you can put out regular posts on Medium or offer free white papers on Scribd.
  • Can I actively maintain my online presence on this network? Building a strong social media presence takes time, which is the one thing most lawyers don’t have. On average, a lawyer spends two hours or more a week to maintain one social network. So imagine the maintenance time suck you’re setting yourself up for if you’re on more than five social media networks. You would have to roughly spend ten non-billable hours a week just to avoid inactivity.

Social Media For Law Firms Can Be Fun And CreativeMake Your Posts Creative And Interesting.

Let’s face it. People don’t search for, much less share, legal content unless if they (unfortunately) have to. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for creativity when it comes to producing social media content for law firms.

Take for example the Real Lawyer Reacts series on YouTube, where a lawyer comments on the legal realism of popular courtroom dramas. Aside from appealing to the series’ fandom, it’s also an entertaining way for law students to learn more about the legal system.

Another creative way to share legal content is to host a podcast. You can also use it to market your law firm’s talents. If your firm specializes in medical law, your podcast can involve a panel who dissect historical or sensational health and medical cases to showcase your firm’s lawyers’ expertise.

Curate Your Content Using Clear Post Guidelines.

For social media for law firms to be effective, it needs to abide by a very clear and very stringent set of post guidelines. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a murky message or worst you’ll probably end posting something you’ll later regret.

Curation is a must in today’s digital marketing landscape because you’re using social media not only to attract potential clients but also to network with your peers. So you need to strike the right balance of personal (i.e., cat photos, food flatlays, family photos, etc.) and professional (i.e., conference photos, client selfies, etc.) post to keep your followers engaged.

And it’s not only your posts that need curation but your comments as well. Because if your comments fail to follow the rules of professional conduct and legal ethics, consider yourself one screencap away from a PR disaster.

Social Media For Law Firms And CybersecuritySo You’re Now On Social Media. But Aren’t You Forgetting Something?

The number one mistake that law firms make after growing their social media presence is not adjusting their cybersecurity to match their now different needs.

In other words, your increased digital footprint may have opened you up to more business and networking opportunities, but it has also opened your firm to a higher risk of cyber attacks.

Investing in a managed services provider to protect your firm’s data, improve overall cybersecurity, and educate your employees on how to identify and respond to online threats.

Especially to cyber attacks like CEO Fraud, phishing scams, and ransomware, which use publicly available information found on social media for law firms to steal highly sensitive data or secretly wire transfer funds from your business to their account.

If you want more on how a managed services provider keeps social media for law firms like yours secure, read our post on Why Managed Services For Law Firms Makes Sense For Cyber Security And Data Protection.

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