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6 New Year’s Resolutions For Better Business

Happy New YearHow did 2018 get here so quickly?

We probably aren’t the only ones asking ourselves that question this time of year. Somehow 2017 flew by, like all years seem to do, and here we are faced with a new year, filled with blank pages and open opportunities to fulfill. You’ve likely got personal resolutions you’re striving to see through this year, but what about business resolutions?

Give yourself a chance to pause and evaluate what could be done differently, better or done away with completely in 2018. Here are six business resolutions to consider this year:

Find, Define, And Operate With A Best Practice Model In Place

Stop wasting time reinventing the wheel. Do yourself and your employees a favor, by identifying and documenting what works well in your business and the actions that can be replicated to ensure success. Document what works and make it accessible for your team to not just learn from, but integrate their own best practices into. You also need to identify what’s not working. Get to the root of the problem and document the solutions. You want to equip your employees with a point of reference should the issue arise later on.

Develop A Keen Sense Of Awareness Regarding Your Limitations

Don’t stop at the business performance evaluation. Evaluate your leadership performance as well. By understanding your personality and receiving feedback from employees, you’ll gain a better grasp on how well you lead, your points of weakness and the areas in need of improvement. The most effective leaders are those that can evaluate themselves, recognize their own limitations and take actions to improve for the sake of the business and its employees.

Evaluate Your Security Defense

We saw numerous security breaches in 2017, and the expectation is that more will rise in 2018. Start the year off by working with your IT team to conduct an in-depth analysis on your security risks and vulnerabilities. The process might feel daunting, but it’s not something you can risk shying away from. The analysis will expose weaknesses in your security posture, but it will be fundamental in designing a security strategy that works to protect your business.

Lean On And Work With A Managed Services Provider To Fill In The Gaps

Your IT providers or more valuable than just keeping your computer systems up and running.  Use this year to make sure your business is getting the most out of its managed services provider. The best IT team you can have in place is one that uses technology to improve business operations and solve business issues. Start evaluating the effectiveness of your IT services with these questions:

  • Is your IT provider spending majority of time reporting or preventing technical problems?
  • Does your company see IT as a business partner or strictly as a service provider?
  • Are your IT services based on a fixed-fee agreement or on a usage basis?
  • Do you feel confident your IT providers are staying on top of security issues?

Improve Remote Workforce Communication

A remote workforce is becoming commonplace. Data from the recent State of Remote Work study noted 52 percent of employees work remotely at least once per week. With the rapid growth of technology innovation underway, the remote workforce population is only expected to rise in the coming years.

Now is the time to ensure your remote workforce is setup for success by putting the right technology and polices in place. We’ve pulled a set of recommended apps to help you improve communication with remote employees, because physical distance shouldn’t be a barrier for strong employee communication.

Do Yourself A Favor And Clean Up

With the volume of data coming in and out of your business each day, the technology you have in place is bound to get cluttered. The start of a new year is an ideal time to work with your IT providers, evaluate outdated devices, identify software in need of an upgrade and expose the components of your infrastructure that may be slowing speed and productivity.

Commit to seeing your resolutions through this year. Make 2018 the year that uses technology to capitalize on business success. You can feel confident about tackling these six resolutions with us, because your success sits at the core of our own success. With Insight, our proprietary IT solution and process, you can trust our team will remain in alignment with your business, improve efficiency, lower capital costs and expose hidden risks.

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