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Save Time By Reusing Text In Outlook

Reusing Text Blocks in OutlookOutlook is a lot like our brain; very underutilized. There are tons of great little tips and tricks in Microsoft Outlook that can help you be more productive when it comes to using your email. Let’s look at reusing text blocks for example.

Do you send out a lot of the same information on a regular basis? Find yourself typing the same email over and over or going back to copy/paste content from previous emails? Then I bet you guessed it; reusing text blocks is for you.

By using a function called “quick parts” you can save content that you find yourself sending often. For our Expertise in Business webinar series, I will often reach out to potential speakers who will inevitably want more details. I could type it from memory, or go back in my emails to find where I’ve typed it before OR I could be really awesome and organized and click the “Quick Parts” button and select my saved text block.

Let’s run through the process shall we?

Saving and reusing a text block

Step 1: Click “New E-mail” to compose a new email (makes sense).

Step 2: Write out your email, including the information that you would like to reuse in the future.

Step 3: Highlight the text you would like to save.

text block 2

Step 4: Select the “Insert” tab located at the top of your email then click “Quick Parts” located with the other Text options. Then click “Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery” a new window will pop up titled “Create New Building Block” simply give your saved text block a Name and click “OK”

Ta-Da! Your text is now saved in your Quick Parts gallery. Next time you need that bit of text simply create a new email message as usual and when you are ready to insert it select the “Insert” tab and then click “Quick Parts” your saved bit of text will be ready and waiting under the name you have given it.

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