TUESDAY, MAY 15  1:00-2:00pm

Topic: Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Coverage and Risks Dissected


You’ve heard it before and you’ll continue to hear it again – everyone (no matter your industry, business size or brand visibility) has either been impacted or will be impacted by a cyber security attack. The question then becomes, how should businesses mitigate risk, if the inevitable is bound to happen?

Join Stuart Powell, Risk Management and Industry Consultant, and Eric Hobbs, CEO of Technology Associates, as we explore the fundamental and protective measures all businesses need to have in place.

Get insight from industry experts on:

  1. The insurance coverage available to help safeguard business should training and prevention fail.
  2. The areas of your business with the greatest exposure and vulnerability.
  3. The properties (both intangible and tangible) you need to protect.
  4. How to handle threats, potential extortion and ransomware breaches.
  5. The role of the Internet of Things, and the risks associated with internet-connected devices.
  6. The best methods for mitigating cyber exposure.


When: Tuesday, May 15 1:00-2:00pm