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Searching for better results from your IT?
Just want things to work without paying for someone to learn on your dime?

Here is the problem; IT Support Companies are stuck delivering the 90’s support model that focuses on billable hours and selling products – neither of these things actually help YOUR business!

True, most IT Services companies have adopted the “Managed Services Provider” model, offer “Managed IT Services” and call themselves “Proactive” but in the end, they simply can’t be proactive when a good chunk of your revenue comes from the reactive support model.

If you are looking for IT Services that are a “cut above” the rest then you’re in the right place.  We pride ourselves on providing a superior level of service and an end result that simply can’t be matched.

Are we perfect? Not by a long shot, we make our fair share of mistakes. But give us the chance and we guarantee you will see a dramatic difference between what we do and “traditional” IT Support companies or your money back!

See, we used to do the EXACT SAME thing the other IT Support companies do – so we know how it works. It took us a while to understand that if we do for our clients the same thing other IT companies did for their clients then our clients would get the same result – no matter how great our service was.  Plus, it never set well with us that in order for us to have a terrific month it had to come on the back of our customers having a terrible month (problems, disasters, replacing servers, etc.). In what world does that make sense?

So we decided to flip the equation, hit the reset and redesign our company from the ground up. Free from the lure of billable hours and product sales we were able to design the support process of our (and our customer’s) dreams – a solution that would benefit any business, eliminate surprise support bills and only reward us when our customer’s networks ran efficient and effectively.

This support process is called Insight and we’ve been delivering this unique IT support model to businesses in the Raleigh / Durham area ever since.

Insight it is the ONLY service we offer. Why? Well, how could we, in good conscience, allow a customer to get anything other than the best we can deliver? Put another way; we don’t have a crappy “Silver Plan.”

A true-to-the-core Managed Services Provider wouldn’t settle for anything less than their best – that is really what managed IT services is all about – a transfer of risk from you, the customer, to the IT Services firm. Any “excluded services” or “additional charges may apply” holdout leaves that risk on YOUR businesses’ plate.

There are PLENTY of IT Support Companies in the Raleigh / Durham area, most of them are excellent companies.  Business in our area are fortunate to have such a deep services network from which to choose their technology solutions support team.

But if you are looking for a real solution to your business IT woes, whether your technology is on premise or in the Cloud, don’t pick a vendor based on how nice their web page is or if they have experience in your industry – look closely at the process they use, what falls outside of their ‘standard’ agreement and how they really make money and see if their business process align with the things that improve your business.

IT Support is a key piece to the puzzle of business services critical to success today. Every business is trying to do more with less – to do this, IT needs to be used as a lever, one that allows a business to maximize profitability while maintaining secure and reliable systems. So many businesses see IT as a necessary evil, a cost to be minimized. I understand why – it’s because they have poured dollar after dollar into new systems without moving the needle in their business all while getting surprise IT Support bill after surprise IT Support bill. This common scenario is not IT’s fault, it the fault of the IT Services company and how they make money – basically selling products and charging by the hour where there is a disincentive to doing things quickly, efficiently and right the FIRST time.

“Network security” used to be a floppy disk loaded with the only two virus removal programs know to man. Over the years we’ve added email, incredible inter-connectivity and cloud services that virtually (and in real-terms) connect your network to threats un-imagined just a few years back. There is a whole lot more involved now than just network support. Getting the right result does NOT depend on which security suite your vendor uses rather the process they use to manage their tool sets. If it is set-it-and-forget-it, off to the next server install project, then no program known to man will auto-magically protect you against ever-evolving security threats.

Again, it comes down to the business model your vendor uses – is it aligned with their best interests or yours?

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