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Protect Your Business This Holiday Season

Holiday CybersecurityThe holidays are almost here and you can probably already feel the excitement in the air. But before you make a run for it and celebrate with family and friends, follow these steps to make sure your business is protected from cybersecurity attacks from naughty hackers this holiday season.

What Exactly Needs Protecting?

This is the time of year when the hustle and bustle of the workplace goes quiet, as many companies close their doors and head home to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends. Some companies close for the week; others close for just a few days. No matter how long your office lights will be out, know that not everyone is focused on spreading cheer and joy this time of year.

Unfortunately, the holidays are a prime target for criminals to hack and steal from businesses who are out of office. Use these last few days to ensure you’ve got the right protection in place before you head home for the holidays.

Have A Smart Security System In Place

While we place a significant emphasis on online security and protection for business, which is important, we cannot afford to overlook physical security. Put technology solutions to work with a smart security system. Systems that are Wi-Fi enabled, allow you to monitor security in real-time through motion-detected cameras that stream footage directly to your phone.

Evaluate Your IT Operations And Practices

The calm before the holiday season –or storm depending on how you look at it— is an ideal time to evaluate business performance. The performance and effectiveness of your IT operations should be part of your overall business evaluation. Use this time to evaluate what’s working, what’s not and what can be improved in the coming year. Evaluating and resolving issues now will save you from having to potentially address them during the holidays.

Wait For The New Year To Implement New Technology

It’s important during this time of year to make sure IT systems are running smoothly. But what you don’t want to do is try and actually implement new technology during the busyness of the holidays. If you’ve got an eye on something new you want to integrate, evaluate the technology and make plans to implement first-quarter of the upcoming year. This is your best chance of avoiding bugs or glitches when majority of your company is out of the office.

Resist The Urge To Overshare On Social Media

Communicate your holiday hours and schedule with customers and those that need to know the company’s availability. But resist the urge to overshare socially. It may seem harmless, but criminals do their research before making a move. Don’t make your company vulnerable by spotlighting when you’ll be away.

Know We Are A Phone Call Away

If you need our team this holiday season, we are a phone call away. Our hours may be adjusted, but we always have an on-call engineer standing available. If you have a support emergency, contact us at 919-459-0128.

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