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Goodbye FuseMail, Hello ProofPoint Anti-Spam Email Software: User-Friendly, Easy Digests

best anti-spam software for email ProofPoint Anti-Spam Email SoftwareIf you’re an existing client of ours you know we’re always evaluating our internal tools, evaluating what our clients’ experiences and refining our offerings, whether it’s a tool, a software or a service we offer.

As part of our core values, always find a way, when we find something better we’re going to make the change for the benefit of our customers.

We’ve listened to the feedback from our customers; we’re always on the cutting edge of technology offerings and in tune with our industry. Our latest upgrade to ProofPoint Anti-Spam Email Software is going to continue to ensure protection from malware, imposter emails, business email compromise (BEC) in an even easier user-friendly interface.

We’ve brought in, Mike Bodhe, one of our Support Services Engineers Allstars, to answer a few questions around unrolling this new product to our customers.

Mike Bohde ProofPointMeet Your New Best Friend For Email: ProofPoint Anti-Spam Email Software

Q: What was TA seeing that prompted us to move to a new service?

A: We moved to FuseMail originally due to the sunsetting of McAfee Spam Filter, which we previously used. FuseMail was a new and well-reviewed product that provided a lot of the same options that McAfee did. We found out early on after the initial deployment that FuseMail wasn’t the best for user comfort. We had several complaints that some companies didn’t like the layout or the digests received. It was also a bit more complicated with fewer features available on the back end. It was a new product, and as such, had a lot of features still in the roadmap and not yet available. As time went on, a lot of these anticipated features still hadn’t materialized, and we still had several unhappy users putting up with a solution we put them on. Since customer satisfaction is our satisfaction, we looked into other options that would be better from both the standpoint of our clients and ourselves.

Q: ProofPoint Anti-Spam Email Software: What is the value of the new product and why did we choose it?

A: We talked with our spam filter provider and asked what the best options out there were so we could give them a test. They gave us multiple options but said ProofPoint was their recommendation. ProofPoint has the highest user satisfaction of all the spam filters offered and based on the criticisms we had for FuseMail, we decided ProofPoint would fill our clients needs best. We tested it out with ourselves and with one of our clients who we knew wanted a different solution, and the results were smiles and thumbs up all around. Our test client was very pleased with this new spam filter. The control panel and digests are very user-friendly, and all the back end controls we wanted were already available. It has an excellent track record and is very easy to migrate new clients to this new product. We decided to move all our clients from FuseMail to Proofpoint to make sure all our clients have the best tools we can offer.

As Always, You’re In Good Hands

As always, our dedication to providing excellent customer service and phenomenal client experience is our highest priority, and we’re excited to introduce this new tool to our toolkit in keeping our clients’ email platforms safe and secure.

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Our Commitment To Our Clients: Better Than Yesterday

One of our most critical values here at Technology Associates is “Better Than Yesterday.” We believe improvement is a process — day in and day out, get a little better. Whether it’s something as simple as refining a procedure to make it easier for our customers to contact us, or something bigger picture like shifting to a new application or tool that ensures our client’s information is secure; we believe in delivering results that are better than yesterday’s.

This value is two-fold: part of believing in this growth is refining and building (and then refining again!) is giving space for the process of improvement. This value ties into the 10,000 Rule. This rule (Malcolm Gladwell popularized) believes “overnight breakthroughs” aren’t overnight breakthroughs at all, but rather, the fruit of tens of thousands of focused hours.  The rule says that in order for an individual to master any complex skill, be it brain surgery or playing the cello, she must put in 10,000 hours of focused practice. Knowing this principle – we tie this into the way we do things by not letting perfection hold up improvement. Through respecting this process, respecting this rule and chipping away at our services, we know our goal isn’t perfection, but a constant improvement and this is the guarantee we stand upon in the results we deliver our clients.

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