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5 Applications To Improve Your Organization And Productivity

Increased ProductivityWe’ve all been there. You’re tired, stressed and it seems like everything is due yesterday. Just the everyday demands of working on an always online work environment.

But whether you’re grappling with a crammed schedule, want to brush up on general organization habits, or listen to an audiobook on your commute to work, we’ve compiled the best organization apps to improve your productivity.


Do you have a personal assistant? Most don’t, but with 24me that’s exactly what you’ll get. The app combines the many facets of a busy agenda into one, easy-to-use application. By syncing calendars, tasks, notes and personal accounts, you’ll gain your own virtual assistant that automatically notifies you when things need to get done.

Special Features: Boost the efficiency of the app by converting emails into reminders or tasks with a single tap. This app is also highly customizable, enabling you to create an interface that suits your individual preferences.

Cisco Spark

Need to work remotely? Cisco Spark has you covered. Create effective online workspaces for you and your team in real time with this interactive forum. You can instant message group members, share files and make progress on the go.

Special Features: Although the messaging system is highly-efficient, with a fully searchable chat and file history, you can also opt for group video conversations within Cisco Spark if you’d prefer talking face-to-face. It’s also backed by Cisco security and reliability.

Newton Mail

The volume daily emails that flood our inboxes can feel debilitating. The to-do list is long, but with so many emails coming in it becomes difficult to prioritize. Newton Mail can help, by separating work emails from personal, and sending reminders to respond to clients and invoices. The app is compatible with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, iCloud, Office 365 and all IMAP accounts.

Special Features: Newton Mail is jam-packed with intuitive elements to help you get the most out of email communication, without wasting time. You can set your accounts to “snooze,” undo sent mail, create sender profiles and connect to other organization apps.


With so many different passwords, it’s easy to fall into an endless cycle of forget, reset and then forget again. But with 1Password, you’ve now got a way to remember passwords for good. The application stores passwords for you and then assigns passwords to their respective site login, all with a single click.

Special Features: Let’s guess the one thought circling your mind right now: Rightfully so, security must be a priority when we talk about handing over all login credentials. 1Password is committed to maintaining the data privacy of its users. The application has an end-to-end encryption that includes a master password, a secret key and secure remote password.


 In an always-on, digital world, it can be difficult to keep our minds clear mind. But SimpleMind is making it possible, by creating digital flowcharts for all your brilliant ideas. The application allows to arrange and edit thoughts, insert media elements and then analyze your thoughts through the Mind Map created. SimpleMind is fully compatible with Dropbox, where your Mind Maps can be converted into PDFs, text or PNGs.

Special Features: SimpleMind also has presentation features that allow you to not just document your thoughts, but organize your thoughts in a way that can be presented to others.

These are just five of many organization apps available. Try one of these out and let us know how they worked. And we also want to hear if you’ve found other organization apps that you now can’t seem to live without.

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