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The Must Have Mobile Apps For Business

Smartphone AppsIf you think about it, the mobile apps we download say something about our own interests. Most of our apps often lean toward our personal interests. But don’t overlook the growing number of mobile apps being designed with professionals in mind.

So grab your phone and get ready to download a few new favorite applications. We’ve put together an essentials list for business-related mobile apps.

Evernote Scannable

As much as we like to track, store and transcribe information digitally, sometimes putting pen to paper is our only option. But with Evernote Scannable, moving paper to computer is easier than before. Remove the worry of losing printed notes by scanning printed documents (notes, business cards, receipts, contracts, etc.) directly to your camera phone. Save the documents, share the digital copy, store it as needed, and then move on.


Say hello to your personal task manager. The 30/30 app is your best shot at completing your never-ending to-do list, enabling you to store action items and set time frames to complete individual tasks. And just like that, the app frequently guides you through your tasks, sending reminders so you know when it’s time to move onto the next task.


Avoid unproductive meetings and veering away from the meeting agenda with Minute. This app combines all aspects of a business meeting and organizes information before, during and after the meeting in one consistent place. Minute gives users one place to store all agenda items, documents, files, meeting notes and post-meeting action items.


How many people do you meet in one week? How many conversations do you have in a single day? Designed to be your own personal assistant, Cloze uses technology to send reminders of previous conversations and interactions you may have forgotten. This app may become your tech-bestie. By syncing all other apps (calendar, texts, emails, notes, contacts), Cloze provides a singular view of individuals and organizations.


Thanks to Microsoft, note-taking has become organized into a single, digital notebook. You no longer have to worry about grabbed the right notepad or searching for the client notes previously transcribed. With OneNote, information stays synced between all Apple devices. And it’s highly customizable with endless pages and sections to help breakup the content by topic, client, department, and more.

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