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Microsoft Support Hoax

tech supportWe wanted to give everyone a heads up about this crazy thing that’s going around. Several of our customers have been called by “fake” Microsoft employees recently.

Apparently, this scam has been around for a while but it looks like it’s making a comeback.

Here’s how it works; these “cyber criminals” are calling on businesses and pretending to be from Microsoft Support or Windows Support.

They will sound like they know you and will be calling to update your antivirus, update a software license, or about fixing your computer. They are asking to remotely access your computer to solve these issues for you or asking you to make a payment to update software.

What they are really doing is going on your computer and stealing all of your personal information, especially financial information like online banking passwords. They are also stealing credit card information from those who believe they are making a payment to Microsoft.

Here’s the bottom line folks; Microsoft has released a statement saying that you will NEVER receive a legitimate call from Microsoft or their partners to charge you for computer or software fixes. Please be wary!

Visit Microsoft for tips on protecting yourself and what to do if you get a call from one of these criminals.

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