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HATE Using Your IT Support Provider’s Ticketing System?

IT ticketing system managed services provider Does hearing the words “ticketing system” make you want to throw your printer through the window? I’ll bet you HATE using a dang ticketing system! But look closer, it isn’t the system you hate…

More likely the ticket system is being used by your provider as a gatekeeper – a hurdle or barrier you have to cross to get help.  This ISN’T why ticketing systems were invented but, unfortunately, how they are used.

I had a prospective customer tell me, “If you even mention the word ticketing system, my partners will freak out.” I thought – “Jeez, what am I getting into here?” but I stuck with it and dug a little deeper to figure out why they were so averse to this very useful tool – turns out the things they hate had more to do with their managed services provider’s process than with the tool.

Why you think you hate your IT managed services provider ticketing system

Why You Think You Hate Ticketing Systems

    1. MSPs and IT Support companies that are understaffed force you to use it – it allows them to ‘appear logical and organized’ when in fact they just can’t keep up with the workload.
    2. They user their SLA (Service Level Agreements) metrics to stiff arm you – “hey, we responded within one hour, we met our SLA,” or worse; “They is a priority 3 ticket, so we have 8 hours to respond.”  As you know from our previous deep dive into debunking the multi-tier service level agreement trap, the multi-tiered services model leaves the bulk of your IT risks on you and, unfortunately, prevents you from holding your provider accountable for results – simply because they can always send you another bill. A real Managed Services Provider transfers risk – it is a completely different business proposition!
    3. It is a barrier put between the customer and getting desperately needed help – you sit on your hands and wonder when, if ever, you will get a callback – hoping and praying isn’t a strategy. If your employees spend their time trying to track down your IT support company for a callback instead of fulfilling their job description, and their work week is sucked away as Point Of Contact for your IT Vendor to “minimize costs and drive results” — you just might need a Managed Service Provider.

What We Do Is Different

Yes, we have a ticket for EVERYTHING, BUT – we don’t force customers to create tickets. Need help? Just call, you will get a live person on the phone in our office here in Cary, and we will create the ticket behind the scenes. 

Why WE Use A Ticketing System

    1. To properly document EVERYTHING we do for a customer. As one of our core values, “Own It”; we track our metrics so we can measure and evaluate our processes and take responsibility for driving results. We document our service process, so information isn’t trapped in Bob the IT Support worker’s head. Why? Because we’d be helpless when Bob is on vacation, with many regulated environments today, we simply can’t make changes to customer environments willy-nilly and without proper change management and documentation.
    2. To recognize trends and spot common issues across all our customers and use this to develop standards and best practices to prevent issues for our customers. One of the ways we demonstrate our core value, “Serve Up Wow”- is through our mandatory weekly staff meetings where we come together as a company and evaluate these trends, trouble shoot them as a team, and create a protocol across the board to provide the best service possible for all of our clients.
    3. As the most important measuring stick of the impact of our technical alignment process – something called tickets per end-point is the best indication we have of how well aligned (read: proactive) we have a customers environment. This is our Insight Process: a mix of customer support, proactive management (stopping IT fires before they ever begin), system administration and  technology consulting. Customer Support is the foundation of traditional IT Support and Services and continues to be one of the most important touch-points with our customers.  We have an outstanding process surrounding customer support, one that guarantees we are working on the most important issues to your business first and foremost.

Ticketing Systems Are Your Friend

So yes, we hear you and understand your heart blood pressure might jump the moment you hear “Ticketing System” leave someone’s lips but rest assured, with us ticketing systems aren’t a barricade to block you from having your needs met; rather, a tool to help us knock out your issues immediately in an accountable, consistent way. Quick Fact: 70% of the reactive issues we receive each day are closed on the very same day! Our mission is simple: our managed services drive down your costs through our no-surprises fixed-fee agreement structure (a sign of a true managed service provider), and boost your business’ productivity and efficiency through minimizing downtime from IT systems and software. Plain and simple. 

If you’re tired of waiting to hear back from your IT support provider, dealing with forms rather than humans, having your employees waste their time and your money troubleshooting IT issues, and you’re ready to truly partner with an IT support company that can keep up with your business, give us a call (877) 395-0776 or email us directly and let’s take IT support frustrations off your plate.


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