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Quarterly Business Review Do’s And Don’ts With Your Managed Service Provider

Quarterly Business Review Do's and Don'ts Managed Service ProviderIf you grit your teeth and cringe every time your IT Support company sets up a quarterly business review because you spend an hour defending your turf (and your wallet) from being “sold”… red flag!

In this article, we’re diving into what a quarterly business review is (and isn’t), and what to watch out for in identifying a true managed service provider from an IT Support company with a sales front.

An authentic Managed Service Provider uses quarterly business reviews to evaluate what’s working and not working and making sure they’re in sync with your company’s upcoming initiatives. Read on to learn the true do’s and dont’s of working with an authentic IT managed services provider.

Here’s What A Quarterly Business Review With Your Managed Service Provider Should Be

Vision Check-Up

What’s On The Horizon For Your Business?

A quarterly business review is a time for us to meet and get up to speed on where your business is going. We set up our process to align with the vision of where you want your business to go. By aligning with your goals, we’re able to support you proactively:

  • Are you planning on bringing on an additional 10 employees in the next quarter?
  • Are you opening up another division, or doubling your sales department?
  • Are you introducing a new application to your employees to use in the field?

By sitting with you in these sessions, it helps us work as a team to build a plan around your big picture vision, not focusing on putting out this week’s latest IT “fire” or emergency.

The real reason people choose to work with us here at Technology Associates over others is our best practices that have been proven over and over to lower reactive support issues over time and paint a very clear picture of your technology and risks that often lie hidden until too late.

Check-In: What’s Working And What Could We Do Better?

We’re going to sit down and celebrate our wins together, check in with what has been working in your business, what needs to be tweaked or developed more, diving into questions around evaluating our results and our strategy together:

  • Are we consistently providing high-performance service from our IT team?
  • Are we consistently providing high-performance service from our customer support team?
  • Are your technology tools providing the level of solutions your business needs, or holding your team back?
  • Are we on track with tackling your business’ challenges?
  • Is your technology empowering you in building revenue, or are your employees wasting time on fixing IT problems?
  • Is your technology increasing your ability to do business, and if it’s not, what can we do to fix that?

We visit these topics each quarter, leaving the quarterly business review with a collaborated plan to continue building for the next quarter.

Fuel Your Growth: Spearhead The Next Steps

Part of a quarterly business review with a true Managed Service Provider is to see if you are leaping into a new initiative, how might your support needs shift? We’ll take this time to evaluate what changes do we need to do on our end to service and fuel the next big growth opportunity in your business.

The Bottom Line: Your business’s success is the core of a true Managed Service Provider’s own success.

Here at Technology Associates, we’ve crafted and honed a proprietary IT solution and process called InSight that ensures we’re always in alignment with your organization’s goals, and that you have a clear picture of how your technology supports your business and clearly identifies risks.  Our proprietary process has proven itself in businesses both big and small.  It takes process and discipline to do what we do, and that’s why our entire business is built around delivering this model.

What A Quarterly Business Review With Your Managed Services Provider Shouldn’t Be:

Up-selling You On The Latest Software

If you find your current quarterly business review consist of your IT Provider pushing this shiny, new software X you HAVE to have to arrive at your IT Promised Land, watch out!

Many IT Support companies take the ‘install-it-and-forget-it’ approach. Your relationship consists of you filing tickets and making calls for them to put out IT emergencies.  We hear about this happening all the time. IT vendors using this quarterly business review to up-sell the next software or virus protection (which is also going to apply the ‘install-it-and-forget-it’ method, free of charge.)

Be sure to revisit our entertaining article, You Might Need A Managed Service Provider If… for more tell-tale signs and red flags around making sure your IT support needs are truly being met.

A genuine Managed Service Provider’s job, first and foremost, is to support and optimize what you have now and then chart a path forward.  A quarterly business review is not sitting down with your IT Support or pseudo Managed Service Provider and being cross sold upgrading to software X so they can make commission Y.

If you find yourself caught in a position with a company who isn’t performing, hopefully you read our article around Setting Up Managed Service Agreements and you avoided getting caught in more than a one year contract, and if you are, be sure you are keeping clear written documentation on this failure to perform so you can safely and legally terminate the agreement.

A true managed service provider understands that no business has an unlimited IT budget, respects this, and then builds suggestions around leveraging what you already have in your business to help drive down costs and contribute to your bottom line.

Be sure to visit our Managed Services Guide directory to learn more about how Managed Service Providers can solve your IT problems.

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