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Managed Services For Law Firms: Law firms face some of the toughest regulations on earth when it comes to data security, compliance and client protection. We’ve been doing this stuff for a long time (since way back in December of 2001) and have learned a thing or two when it comes to managed services for law firms. 

This Guide To Managed Services For Law Firms is our way of giving back to our legal business community – sharing with you the good, the bad, the ugly about IT support for law firms– all in an effort to help you make the best decision possible for legal IT solutions…

Even if it’s NOT doing business with us!

Data Privacy For Lawyers: How Lawyers Should Protect Client Information And Confidentiality

data protection for law firmsWhether you’re a legal administrator, office administrator or managing partner in your law firm, you need to lead the charge to create awareness around data privacy for lawyers in your firm. Examining the reasons behind cyber insurance claims, the numbers reveal that the biggest threat accounting firms face is internal — the lack of training among its employees and contractors.

In September of 2017, Deloitte, one of the Big Four accounting firms, revealed that the company was a victim of a cyber attack. While no extensive details were announced about the attack, it prompted Deloitte to start “implementing its comprehensive security protocol and initiating an intensive and thorough review.” The need for data privacy for lawyers who are running accounting firms, especially those who employ lawyers, is highlighted with these recent threats. It’s a constant threat forcing accounting firms to be vigilant.

How prepared are you for these hacking attacks as a law firm?

Check out our post Data Privacy For Law Firms for a deeper dive into how you can protect your law firm from hacking.

Why Managed Services For Law Firms Makes Sense For Cyber Security And Data Protection

As recent cyber incidents targeting CEOs have demonstrated, cyber attacks are now a constant emerging threat for all types of businesses and as a result the demand for managed services for law firms.

Roughly 80% of companies reported experiencing cybersecurity-related incidents last year alone, costing businesses approximately $3.62 million per breach.

What this means for law firms is being faced with unparalleled data protection difficulties that could influence their ability to practice competently and ethically, and the serious need for managed services for law firms to take on these cyber security liabilities head on.

Check out our post Why Managed Services Make Sense For Cyber Security And Data Protection for a deeper dive into this pressing issue in our digital world today.

Social Media For Law Firms: Just How Important Is It?

social media for law firmsLet’s put it this way. Even unicorns exist in Google. So there’s absolutely no reason for your law firm not to have an active online presence. That’s just how important social media for law firms is. Period.

And if done right, a law firm’s social media presence will prove to be a strategic business decision that results in tangible and highly-profitable gains.

Tip #1: You don’t have to be on every social media platform.

Networking and lead generation have consistently topped various surveys on why law firms and solo practitioners maintain an online presence. And while it’s good to cast a wide net, a lawyer on Snapchat doesn’t exactly say, professional and trustworthy.

Want to know how to navigate this maze of staying in compliance while using social media as a law firm, check out our post on Social Media For Law Firms: Just How Important Is It?  for the straight scoop.

How Does The Recent Facebook Hack Affect Law Firms?

Law Firm Hack FacebookWith Halloween this week we just couldn’t help ourselves. We had to take a look at this scary story of Facebook’s recent cyber hack of the century.  The recent Facebook hack directly compromised an estimated 50 million Facebook accounts – including those of its bigwigs Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg.

Add the other 40 million at-risk accounts, and it puts this breach as the largest the social networking site has ever experienced.

This hacking incident reminds us of the absolute, non-negotiable growing need for Cyber Security Awareness.

It’s also the most dangerous yet, as the still unknown hackers have taken users’ access tokens, which allows them to go on a data acquisition spree that goes beyond your personally identifiable information (i.e., name, email, phone number, etc.)

Facebook access tokens also give hackers access to your granular profile data, which include more specific information such as your gender, current city, birthday, work history, last 10 Check-Ins, and 15 most recent searches.

In How Does The Recent Facebook Hack Affect Law Firms?, I spell out the ways these hacks trickle down to affect law firms, and what you can do to protect your law firm.

Data Recovery Plan For Law Firms: Managed Services Providers Don’t Let Natural Disasters Wipe Out Your Law Firm

data recovery for law firmsNatural disasters like Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael remind us of the importance of building data recovery plan for law firms: managed services providers keep you in business – rain or shine.

October was Cyber-Security awareness month. In lieu of all the recent hurricane activities, in this article we’re diving into data recovery and data disaster planning for law firms.

From leading the discussion and acting on the demands of an “ever-changing” client base to anticipating new trends in technology to preparing for a natural disaster, many unknowns come with building and growing a law firm. Often overlooked is how to deal the threat of natural disasters like Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Matthew (and whoever else feels like hitting North Carolina this season!) effectively.

If you are a business owner – check out Data Recovery Plan For Law Firms: Managed Services Providers Don’t Let Natural Disasters Wipe Out Your Law Firm for a first-person view of our industry when it comes to data recovery for law firms.

Data Recovery For Law Firms: The Impact Of Natural Disasters On Your Law Firm

disaster recovery for law firmsWhen we think about business risks, we often overlook some of the most destructive factors. There’s so much focus on protecting assets from malicious cyber attacks and human error—especially in law firms—that most fail to prepare for the impact of natural disasters on your firm.

In the wake of multiple hurricanes and flooding, earthquakes, and most recently, the most destructive wildfire to hit California, business owners now have to face a sobering truth—that businesses, regardless of industry, are dangerously vulnerable in the face of natural disasters. Forty percent of small businesses are unable to recover from a major disaster. Despite multiple warnings and precautionary tales, businesses somehow still fail to prepare and anticipate these kinds of emergencies and scenarios until it’s too late.

A lot of organizations consider natural disasters only in the context of ensuring employee safety. And while this is a significant and primary priority for any firm, they fail to recognize the impact that these scenarios can have on long-term operations. The point is, forward thinking and planning can spell the difference between a firm’s survival after a natural disaster. So let’s take a look at the different aspects of the business that you have to consider in our article, The Impact Of Natural Disasters On Your Law Firm.

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