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Why Managed Services For Law Firms Makes Sense For Cyber Security And Data Protection

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As recent cyber incidents targeting CEOs have demonstrated, cyber attacks are now a constant emerging threat for all types of businesses and as a result the demand for managed services for law firms.

Roughly 80% of companies reported experiencing cybersecurity-related incidents last year alone, costing businesses approximately $3.62 million per breach.

What this means for lawyers is being faced with unparalleled data protection difficulties that could influence their ability to practice competently and ethically, and the serious need for managed services for law firms to take on these cyber security liabilities head on.

Why Managed Services For Law Firms Makes Sense For Cyber Security And Data Protection

American Bar Association (ABA) Recommendations Against Cyber Attacks

25+ states now demand attorneys to keep up-to-date of the most recent technological advances impacting legal practice, and the American Bar Association (ABA) has recommended that attorneys use encryption to protect specific types of client data.
Understanding the regulatory specifics behind PIPEDA, HIPAA, GDPR and other conceivably relevant security regulations won’t be enough to guard your clients’ data against being potentially jeopardized.

Have A Data Breach Response Plan In Place

Managed Services for law firms makes sense because you need to know how to apply law-related data breach response plans and the right data security safeguards to secure your clients’ data. To top that off, as a Raleigh, North Carolina law firm, you could be liable for triple damages for compromised information in a data breach. Implementing these tasks demands sophisticated knowledge of information systems and security safeguards, and a substantial number of law firms assign these highly-technical tasks to a qualified managed services provider for IT support.

Liability: The #1 Reason Managed Services For Your Law Firm Makes Sense

The American Bar Association (ABA)’s most recent TechReport revealed, an astounding almost 40% of attorney respondents reported saying that they were solely responsible for their firms’ data security plan. Keeping up with the latest security standards is not only time-consuming in itself, but takes time away from a firm’s ability to focus on the profitable areas of running their firm. Check out our recommended post, Why Letting Your Staff Deal With IT Issues Doesn’t Save You Money to learn more around liberating your practice from this all-too-common business owner growth trap.

What’s Your Law Firm’s Data Protection Strategy?

Law firms will also need to look at their own internal procedures and practices to prevent their clients’ data from being compromised. Check out our related article, Disaster Recovery For Law Firms for an even further look at the questions you should be asking when natural disaster strikes. Roughly 1 in 3 of the 540 cybersecurity incidents and 132 successful data breaches that impacted professional services firms in 2017 occurred due to employee errors and internal threats. While in-house or vendor-supplied educational training and partnering with a managed services IT company can help, investing time and energy in educating your staff is crucial for preventing potential incidents that could arise from human error or insider attacks. This is evident in the fact that ransomware–the most prevalent type of cyberattack–accounted for 39% of cyber attacks last year and 4% of e-mail recipients still tend to open phishing e-mail links. Storing your clients’ sensitive data on your computers or local servers means that it’s only a few mouse clicks away from being compromised.

Triple Indemnity, Fines, Disbarment: The Consequences Of Not Having A Security Breach

Attorneys who neglect to take adequate and robust enough actions to secure client data could face professional penalties, regulatory fines, and even disbarment in extreme cases. The simplest way you can guard your clients’ sensitive data and guarantee full compliance with data security regulations is to work with an experienced managed service provider for IT Support who can craft customizable security protocols for your law firm to follow.

Third Party Perspective Can Save You Thousands

Just like the adage of the frog sitting in warm water turned to boil and not recognizing change and impending danger, it’s the same when it comes to managed services for law firms IT Support needs to combat cybersecurity risks.

The ABA recommends that lawyers join with IT Support field experts as a way of bridging technology-related experience gaps.

Working with an experienced managed services provider for IT Support means you’re partnering with professionals outside your organization. Having a third party perspective on your data security needs can bring a fresh outsider’s viewpoint to the state of your existing protocols in place, and help identify risks and liability in your current strategies around client security. Managed services providers set up data protection, disaster recovery, and cloud-based backup strategies to ensure your firm has adequate levels of security.

Case Closed: Managed Services Are The Perfect Fit For Your Law Firms IT Demands

Bringing a managed service provider into the mix for your law firm is a move that can be cost-effective for law firms and business of all sizes, as companies working with managed services providers have saved thousands per month in surprise overages, excessive out-side-the-agreement charges, and other unforeseen IT costs when compared to other IT Support alternatives.

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