We Deliver InSight

Looking for someone to provide IT Support and Managed IT Services? Technology Associates has you covered.

Looking for something “more?”  We deliver all the services of a Managed Services Provider, and then a whole lot more.

IT Support is where it all started. This is the bread-and-butter of our industry. Nowadays this model looks like “patch, spy, spam, monitoring and a bucket of hours” — what most people refer to as “Managed Services” — when in fact there is very little management going on!

We have a unique approach to IT managed services.  A process and that improves your business efficiency, lowers capital costs and exposes hidden risks.  All IT Services companies say they are “proactive” but we put our money where our mouth is by structuring a relationship that transfers all IT risks to us under a fixed fee agreement.  The real reason people pick us over others is our best practices that have been proven over and over to lower reactive support issues over time and paint a very clear picture of your technology and risks that often lie hidden until too late.

Your business’s success is the core of our own success. We’ve crafted and honed a proprietary IT solution and process called InSight that ensures we’re always in alignment with you and your organization’s goals, and that you have a clear picture of how your technology supports your business and clearly identifies risks.  Our proprietary process has proven itself in businesses both big and small.  It takes process and discipline to do what we do, and that’s why our entire business is built around delivering this model.

With Technology Associates’ InSight IT Service:

  • Expect consistent, high performance – from our IT and customer support team and your technology.
  • Expect strategy – to solve real business issues and fuel your growth.
  • Expect more.

An IT Service Offering as unique as ours is certain to generate questions – we’ve taken questions we get from prospective customers and created a handy FAQ that addresses the most common questions we get in a “down-to-earth-no-geek-speak” way.

Our InSight Service is made up of four interconnected Service Delivery Areas;

Customer Support

Customer Support is the foundation of traditional IT Support and Services and continues to be one of the most important touch-points with our customers.  We have an outstanding process surrounding customer support, one that guarantees we are working on the most important issues to your business first and foremost.  Quick Fact: 70% of the reactive issues we receive each day are closed the very same day!

  • Dedicated Customer Support Team
  • Supporting ALL Your Applications
  • Answering “How do I…” Questions
  • Managing Your Vendors

Proactive Management

The tools and technology we use to manage our customer’s IT infrastructure are all widely available – it is very likely (if not probable) that the tools we use are the exact same tools used by our competitors.  So how can we drive better results than our competitors while using the same tools?  Here is the secret: it isn’t the tool that creates the results, it is the process around managing the tool that creates the results.

  • Patch Management for Operating Systems and 3rd Party Apps.
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Content Filtering To Protect Your Users
  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam
  • Optimization Processes

System Administration

System Administration is a huge reason customers pick us over other IT Services.  The traditional role of System Administrator is ‘lead tech’ or ‘escalation’ (a very reactive role).  In our process, the InSight Administrator role is purely proactive, focused on process, procedures and documentation – all things that we know will drive down the number of issues experienced by our customers in the future.

  • Implement Best Practices
  • Documentation, Process and Procedures
  • On-Site Proactive Days
  • Reactive Ticket Analysys

Technology Consulting

Sometimes referred to as Virtual CIO or vCIO, this role within our company serves to take everything we know about a customers business and technology, discuss with the customer on a regular basis and help formulate a strategy to implement over time.  From strategy flows budgets, from budgets flow execution.

  • Business & Technology Strategy
  • Technology Budget
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Best Practices Review