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The Role That Makes The Difference

Technology Associates Xmas Party 2015Here at Technology Associates we have a role that rarely exist in other IT Services firms, and if it does, I’m confident it isn’t given the same level of focus and discipline it is given here. What makes this position even more radical in our industry is that we don’t charge our customer by the hour for this type of service. And that, I’m told, is next to sacrilege in the IT industry.

But, this role is THE reason businesses have selected Technology Associates over other options.  And, it is our secret weapon that is guaranteed to have a positive impact on our customers.

Oddly enough, we’ve changed the name of this position several times to avoid confusion with the ‘me too’ vendors who think that because they have the same positions, they can deliver the same results. For us, the position is less about job descriptions and more about what we stand for.

The position I keep referring to is (at least for now) called Insight Administrator.

So, What’s The Big Deal? Why Should You Care?

This role will matter to you and your business if you’ve dealt with:

  • Nagging support miscues.
  • Repeat service issues.
  • Repeatedly having to pay to fix the same problem.
  • Getting a ‘new guy’ who doesn’t know anything about your business or technology.
  • Having to explain the simplest parts of your business to your IT vendor over and over.

Those headaches are what our Insight Administrators puts to rest. What our team figured out a while back, was that these issues aren’t really the problem; they are merely symptoms of the problem.

What’s The Real Problem?

Glad you asked. The real issue is that in 99 percent of all IT vendor relationships, the majority of the money you pay goes to addressing reactive issues, i.e. trouble tickets. But because everything is reactive, there is never any money left to address root causes and eliminate the real issues your people deal with.

I’ve heard these complaints hundreds of times. “Our guys just can’t seem to get a workstation installed right without us having to call back over and over to address missing issues. You would think they would have a checklist!”

Well, you are right, they should have a checklist. But unless someone  is solely responsible for the customer knowledge base, and for documenting systems, processes and procedures unique to your environment, the checklist you desire will never be built.

The reality is, your ‘guy’ is busy running off to the next appointment. But with an Insight Administrator, you can feel confident in knowing there is an evangelist overseeing standards and alignment processes. And that responsibility, to look at your business through a different lens, runs right into our core and separates us from other IT Services firms.

It wasn’t until we assigned dedicated resources (individuals focused on documenting processes, procedures and, most importantly, auditing and implementing best practices) that we were we able to slowly, over time, get ahead of our customer support load.  This was the sea change at our company. It was the point where we went from closing tickets to something more, something of higher impact for you and for us.

We, in effect, turned down the noise. Because of that shift, we are now able to have the right conversations with the right customers at the right time. Those conversations are more focused on their business and less on their technology. And those conversations have lead to less headaches and better business.

What’s Been The Impact Of Our Insight Administrators?

  • Because we have complete and updated documentation on an environment, our support team no longer has to guess about how to resolve technical issues. Our teams can properly and quickly find resolutions without triggering other issues inadvertently.
  • Because we test regularly and give our customers confirmation that things are working properly, they can feel confident in their business continuity stance.
  • Each customer clearly knows where they stand with respect to our standards and never worries about being in the dark.
  • Our Insight Administrators develop both technical and business acumen and put their customers, not Technology Associates, first.  Our team truly operates as a customer advocate.
  • We have agreed upon best practices and standards  so our process can be applied consistently across all customers.

Are we perfect? Absolutely not.

Is there still remove for improvement? Always.

But this system works and it helps our customers do better business. If your IT firm doesn’t have an Insight Administrator, or you’ve felt the challenges that come from a firm who lacks this role, let’s talk.

I would personally love to connect with you and explain how this approach can benefit your specific business needs.

Give me a call at 919-459-0109 or shoot me an email directly.

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