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First Insurance Services: A Conversion Story

First Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency made up of skilled commercial and personal insurance specialists. A long-time client, we’ve helped First Insurance Services as their outsourced IT partner since the days of the first networks.

Back in the day, First Insurance Services was forced to rely heavily on the use of paper—lots of hard copies required loads of manpower just to handle the mountain of paper circulating between insured, agent and carrier. In the late ’90s, First Insurance, recognizing the inefficiency of this system, decided to make the leap to a networked environment to allow digital sharing and cut back on paper usage.

During this change, they switched from a UNIX based management system to a Windows-based network agency management system. They called us in to facilitate this change, and we made sure they had a solid infrastructure they could trust and handled the myriad of details required to make a change like this come off without a hitch

First Insurance has been with us almost since the beginning so they have seen the changes in both their industry and ours from a front row seat. Initially we did some help desk and project implementation but, just like First Insurance and their legacy UNIX plaform, we recognized the inefficiency of this system. Focusing all our efforts on reactive work and installation just didn’t seem to help move the needle for our customers.

The adoption of our InSight process meant for us, much the same as the move from a legacy Unix system meant to First Insurance. New processes, new procedures, new possibility’s; a whole new way of looking at how you provide value to your customers. Less and less focus on reactive support and more and more focus on doing the things we’ve proven will drive down the reactive noise.

Making the change in an IT vendor is probably not on anyone’s to-do list – why change what is working OK? There is certainly validity to this approach – until you find out that OK, really isn’t OK and that there really is a difference in IT service companies – it is more than just their people, it is about process and results they drive for their clients.

“Our mission is to provide big-company IT support and planning for businesses who don’t want the headache of an IT resource but need more than occasional IT support.”

– Eric Hobbs, CEO, Technology Associates

We’ll let Barry Curtis, President of First Insurance Services, have the last word(s):

“Technology Associates is concerned with looking at things from our perspective and trying to integrate and coordinate things in our best interest. The other thing is TA seems to be objective in what they are doing. They’re not pushing one particular type of program or application or hardware.

I would highly recommend Technology Associates, if a business owner was in the market for a personable, knowledgeable, local presence that has…all the technological wherewithal to get the job done.”

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