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We get asked a lot of questions by prospective customers about our InSight IT Service since it is so different than what they’ve come to expect from IT Support.  It occurred to us that if we could gather up all these questions and answer them in a straightforward, non-“sales & marketing” way, it would help others who may be ‘just looking’ determine if our services were right for them.

How long have you been in the IT business?

1997 – When we started, most of our customers didn’t have an Internet connection or email (and no one thought it odd back then!)

Where are your offices?

Cary, NC.  While we serve customers across North Carolina, our main office is in Cary.  Simple reason – our first office that wasn’t a bonus room was with a customer who built a new building in Preston Corners and rented us some space (Thanks C.F.!) – been in Cary ever since.

Do you outsource any of your roles?

No, we do not.  All of our staff are full-time, permanent employees of Technology Associates based right here in Cary, N.C.  We have a great group of guys and gals who are super-passionate about IT and delivering outstanding customer support.

Want to see our folks?  Here they are!

What areas do you serve?

Raleigh / Durham, Greensboro and Charlotte areas, as well as Apex and Cary.

What types of businesses to you normally work with?

We serve customers across multiple different industries including:

  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Medical Practices
  • Dental Practices
  • Non-Profits
  • Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC) Firms.

Every different business we work with comes with it’s own set of unique needs and special software – even so, we’ve proven that our InSight Process works across all industry who need better results from their IT.

What are your SLAs (Service Level Agreements)?

Believe it or not, we don’t have SLAs!

Shocking I know, especially since the IT Support industry seems based on SLAs.  The reason the managed IT Services industry is based on SLAs is because they have to insert a buffer between you and their staff, a way to control the flow of reactive tickets and when they need to be addressed.  Besides, if I guarantee you a 2 hour response time and your server goes down – how are you feeling at about 1.25 hours into the ordeal without a call back?

This has always seemed a silly way of doing things especially since all IT problems aren’t created equal and don’t fit nicely into priority buckets PLUS which bucket/priority to assign an issue to is always a point of contention between customer and IT company.

Not all IT problems are the same – wouldn’t it be better to prioritize issues based on the impact to your business?  What we do is prioritize our work queue based on the business impact and adjust resources accordingly.

If I change to Technology Associates am I going to be forced to buy all new equipment?

We get this more often than you would expect, I have to think that others in our industry are indeed telling customers that in order to enter into a Managed IT Services agreements they have to bring all their equipment up to date – seems a little insane!

The answer is “No – definitely not.”  Our job, first and foremost, is to support and optimize what you have now and then chart a path forward.  We understand that no business has an unlimited IT budget and many priorities compete for a finite budget.  Our approach is to reduce capital costs for our customers, not sell servers!

What size customers and businesses do you typically work with?

Our current customer base ranges from 10 to 175 employees with the average just under 40 desktops.

Do you charge for on-site IT support visits?

No, we don’t charge for on-site support trips.  This is how some IT companies get you – ‘remote’ support for free and then have every excuse under the Sun to come on site (and charge you).  Why do things that way?  It’s like kicking someone when they are down!

This one gripes me because I know exactly where this question comes from, our competitors that DO charge for on-site support.  Listen, if you are getting charged for on-site support visits then you are NOT using an IT Managed Services Provider (or best case, they put you on their crappy Silver Plan which basically leaves all the risk for your IT environment on your P&L)

What type of anti-spam, anti-virus, etc., etc., do you use?

Without being a wiseguy, I wonder why you ask! Normally when someone asks about the tools we use it is because of some issue they faced, for example; “We got a bad virus last month and I want to see if you use the same crappy stuff our current guys do.” But follow me here – we (IT Support Companies) all have access to the same tools – they ALL have their good and their bad but it isn’t the tool that is the issue, it is the process that your IT Services company uses that is the issue.

If you have ongoing IT issues with foundational tools it is probably because your current Managed Services Provider uses the ‘install-it-and-forget-it’ approach, or worse, rely on ‘remote monitoring’ to tell them if things are working properly. Take our tools, give them to your current guys and you get the same results you get now – it’s your providers process, not the tool!

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