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Fake LinkedIn Emails

Beware this new fake email from LinkedIn.  As with most of these type of attacks, it is easy to be tricked into trusting an email when they use well known logos.

The latest LinkedIn phishing email looks very convincing but with a few tricks you can easy tell that this completely fake.

Here is a snapshot of what the original email looks like;

It is very convincing but a few things jumped out at me right away;

  1. Implore?  Really?  Just doesn’t sound like something LinkedIn would say
  2. The message doesn’t ‘look’ right, notice the lower case ‘g’ on the 5th and 6th line getting cutoff?

But the proof that this is a phishing attempt is the link itself.  By hovering over the link, Outlook will show the underlying URL which, as shown below, does NOT take you to LinkedIn.

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