Exporting Multiple Emails From Outlook

A client called this week with a question.  Providing IT Services to such a diverse group of businesses we get some pretty good ones!  My customer was looking for a simple way to export multiple emails from Outlook onto a USB drive.  I’ve exported individual emails from Outlook before but never a group of emails.

The solution is deceptively simple, but still a good trick to know just in case.

The use case is this – you want to export an email from Outlook.  Said another way, you want to extract the email as a stand alone file for sharing with someone else versus simply forwarding them the email.

Several reasons you may want to do this including extracting the email as a file to attache to some other (non-Outlook aware) application or, in this particular case, responding to a request to detail all correspondence with a certain individual.

First – to export ONE email you can open the email, select File then Save As – the email is saved as an .EML file and can be opened by most email applications (even ones that aren’t Outlook).

In this case, our client wanted to export multiple emails and opening each one and doing a File | Save As just wasn’t practical.

I did some head scratching because I knew there had to be a way and stumbled upon how to do it quite by accident.

You ready for this….

You simply highlight the emails you want to export by clicking on them and drag them to the location in Explorer you want to export them to – JESH!  Super simple, but I trick I didn’t know.

Here is a hint on selecting items;

  1. To select a contiguous list of emails, click the first email then shift-click the last email
  2. To select a non-contiguous list of emails, click then control-click other emails

Try it out for yourself!

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