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Durham County ABC

Durham ABC Board LogoWorking with the Durham County ABC Board to implement our InSight process has been rewarding. Making predictable and steady progress each quarter, we started to see fewer issues while gaining better command of their technology and understanding their business.

When they put a major system upgrade on the radar recently, we were excited to sink our teeth into a “big picture” project. The goal was to upgrade their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (POS) systems together, while at the same time complete a much-needed hardware refresh, all without disrupting Durham County ABC’s retail and wholesale operation. OH, and get all this done prior to their busiest time of the year!

So with three other IT vendors, two mission-critical applications (along with website integration) and a server refresh, we got busy planning. Durham County ABC made it very clear from the start that the success of this project was on our head and there was no room for error – JUST THE WAY WE LIKE IT!

Here’s the rundown on how we did it:

We installed a new VMWare infrastructure and transferred all of the user data from the old system to the new, then coordinated with the other vendors to install their applications on the new infrastructure. Once the VMWare infrastructure and the applications were installed, we ran extensive testing with Durham County ABC and all vendors, including a trial data conversion which allowed us to spot multiple issues ahead of time and resolve them quickly.

The nature of Durham County ABC’s business required converting several customized scripts and SQL processes from the old system to the new hardware and application layer. This part of the project was definitely the trickiest since the company that originally wrote the customized reporting was no longer supporting the client. Basically we had to feel our way through this part of the project, testing extensively with Durham County ABC as we went along, as there was little documentation of these scripts.

In addition to all of this, we provided a new remote connectivity platform to resolve nagging performance issues being experienced by the retail stores, increasing reliability and functionality.

And the results? We’ll let Perlie Davis, Support Services Director of the Durham County ABC Board, fill you in:

“We had a huge black hole with our custom programming and reports which were not properly documented. Our vCIO stepped in and not only figured out how it all worked but documented it so we wouldn’t find ourselves in this position again. We now have someone (Technology Associates) on our team who understands this critical part of our operations. Technology Associates coordinated the server migration with several of our other partners/vendors, promptly addressing issues as they arose as well as the needs of our partners/vendors, all resulting in a successful project implementation. It’s one thing for us to praise Technology Associates but it’s pretty high praise when our partners comment to us that they have never worked with a better IT team.”

– Perlie Davis, Support Services Director, Durham County ABC Board

We tackle projects like this every day, working with industry-specific requirements for a wide variety of small to medium businesses putting forth our #1 core value: We ALWAYS find a way!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our process and how it impacts our customers in a positive way.

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