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Why Documentation Matters

TEC_Network_RackDocumentation. Why do we talk about it so much? Why is it so important? Well, it could mean the make or break of your company. Wes Fields, our InSight Implementer, explains.

It is not the most interesting topic in the IT world, but it happens to be one of the most critical elements of our company. The layout of your environment, vendor contacts, important passwords, and pictures of your infrastructure—having all of these things in check takes the average IT company and turns them into awesome!

At TA, documentation is non-negotiable. It’s how we support and troubleshoot your environment. You, Dear Client, shouldn’t have to explain to the IT Guy what is in the network closet, how many servers you have in the building, and what that important line of business applications does for you. That’s on us.

It’s our job to know the environment like we know our home. We know what everything does and how everything ties into your business. This is just the beginning to understanding how your business needs align with IT. This process is also what makes our Support Team so special: We have everything documented and ready for review.  This allows any team member to resolve issues quickly and efficiently instead of waiting for that single team member who really knows the environment to come in from a coffee break or weeklong vacation. The documentation ensures a shared knowledge of and consistency for your needs, across team members.

So what does documentation look like? I’ve seen it done a number of ways, but these are just a few unique ways Technology Associates does it:

  • Documented Vendor Contacts – Why should you have to explain to the Internet vendor why the Internet is working? (Yes, we will make the call for you!)
  • Pictures – We take pictures of everything IT related. We want to see exactly what you are looking at if you ever need assistance.
  • Labeling System – It’s quick and easy to explain to someone what to look for when we have a label on everything.
  • Dedicated InSight Administrator – Who reviews all the documentation and updates it monthly to quarterly for our entire team, ensuring we evolve with you.

The list above just begins to cover the very basics of all the documentation we capture into our InSight process. We like to come prepared and have a dedicated plan of attack for any situation that will arise. How would you feel if your server went offline and the company you are working with didn’t have a dedicated plan of attack to revive it? Think of the time, data and money lost while everyone’s trying to figure out what to do next. It’s this documentation, process and planning that makes us different in this industry and what our clients tell us is invaluable.

Documentation is critical not just from an IT perspective but from a business impact perspective. We want to provide you with the quickest resolution and that is always achieved by awesome documentation.

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