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Daylight Savings Time And Windows 10

Windows 10We’ve come to consider Daylight Savings Time as a placeholder and reminder to conduct pulse checks on the things we often overlook. So why not start considering Daylight Savings Time as a chance to check the health of your computer’s anti-virus system? Is it running properly? Is the system up to date?

The hope is that you are checking your anti-virus system more than twice a year, but if not, twice a year is better than never.

Before The Anti-Virus System Review, Check  Your Computer’s Clock

In many cases, your computer should automatically handle the Daylight Savings Time changeover. But if for some reason it doesn’t, here’s what you need to check:

For Windows 10 users, start by adjusting your Date/Time settings. Right-click the clock display in the lower right corner of your task menu. Select Adjust Date/Time. You should see something like this:

Time Settings


For the most part, “Adjust for daylight saving time automatically” should always be ON.  It might be necessary to turn it off in a few rare cases, or if you happen to live in a time zone that doesn’t have a proper entry in the list of time zones. Microsoft put a blog post together on this exact topic, diving into the changes to the time zone files from around the world.

If some options are greyed out (as in the above example), it’s because your IT Department is enforcing specific Active Directory settings.  If this is the case, you’ll need your IT Departments help in making adjustments. But in all likelihood, your IT team is aware and has the correct settings in place for your organization.

Ensure that your clock is set correctly if your computer doesn’t automatically correct for Daylight Savings Time on its own.  There have been cases where computer clocks were set incorrectly along with the time zone. That error caused the computer time to appear correct until a change in Daylight Savings Time.

Next, check to ensure the Time Zone is correct and the “Adjust for daylight saving time automatically” is set to ON.  If your Time Zone isn’t correct, deselect the “Set Time Zone Automatically.” Then select the proper Time Zone and re-select the “Set Time Zone Automatically”

Sometimes our systems just need a little kick to get back on track.

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