ConnectIDHow much time do you spend every day trying to remember passwords? Every week? Every month? How many hours of productivity do you lose every year to the “necessary evil” of having different, strong passwords for access to all your apps and accounts? What if I told you it was no longer necessary? ConnectID is a password management app that securely stores all of your passwords behind one single-sign on portal.

ConnectID allows you to use one password to sign in to all of your apps. Security is improved by 2-factor authentication. One login page gives you access to all of your business apps and accounts. Need access at home? ConnectID supports all major browsers so business apps can be accessed anywhere. Need access on your mobile device? ConnectID offers an iOS app and Firefox browser extension for Android.

Best of all, ConnectID is available through Technology Associates. We are able to offer ConnectID to our clients as part of a cloud services agreement. Contact us to learn more.